Grandeur Marquee at Defence Authority Country & Golf Club

Weddings are one of the times when with all hands on deck, there is always space for more help- weddings are joyous occasions with a touch of maddening chaos. Initially when weddings were planned and dates were fixed, families seldom worried about the location of the venue because those were the good and peaceful times of Karachi.

Best Reception Venues in DHA Karachi & Clifton

Today the first and foremost worry when a wedding has to be planned is the venue and the location itself. Hosting the wedding functions has become this mammoth task wherein only after a great venue is decided, will the families be able to proceed with the rest of the preparations.

Quite literally the wedding couple and the family wish to have the wedding at a grand venue with the best possible catering in the budget- it is after all once in a lifetime life changing event. Scattered across k-town are numerous wedding venues offering the best possible arrangements, but there is one factor which most of the venues do not have: the location of the venue.

Keeping in view the deteriorating situation of the city, most of the families want the wedding to be hosted in a safe and secure location which must also be grand at the same time. It is quite a dilemma for many families to find the right venue for the weddings. This may sound a little off beat, but many families and couples wish to host weddings at venues in DHA Karachi, for one very simple reason- the grandeur and safety.

Grandeur Marquee at Defence Authority Country & Golf Club

Any family or couple who are currently in search of a venue must halt their look out instantly because Defence Authority Country & Golf Club, which is the most prestigious address in town is starting booking for its upcoming venue – Grandeur Marquee.

Address: Zulfiqar Street # 1, Phase-VIII, DHA Karachi-75500.
Phone: 021-34221584

DA Country & Golf Club is one of the most prestigious clubs in Defence, thus any venue by them has to be the best around. The exquisite element about the Grandeur Marquee is the location and one other thing which is the catering.

Grandeur Marquee offers exclusive catering by Kolachi – the Spirit of Karachi. Anyone who has ever been to Kolachi will vouch for the quality and quantity of food being served. Kolachi with its main outlet at Do Darya has been rated by the customers as the best eatery on the block. Now the two great things that is the location of DA Country & Golf Club and the divine flavours of Kolachi have come together to create a memorable event.

Furthermore a great venue and an awesome catering service do wonders for a wedding because the guests, the couple and the family will always remember the venue and the food served. Grandeur Marquee is a bombastic combination of the best and most professional people coming together to give the greatest possible service.

The booking for the Grandeur Marquee begin from the 25th of April onwards. Take a gander at the venue and the catering service before deciding upon any other place because Grandeur Marquee will be worth the effort and money.

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