Grey Audio and Dolfigerion Live at Base Rock Cafe (BRC)

Grey Audio and Dolfigerion Live at Base Rock Cafe (BRC) - DHA Karachi

Grey Audio and Dolfigerion will be performing live at Base Rock Cafe (BRC) on Thursday, July 4, 2013 from 7:00pm onwards.

  • Grey Audio does Pakistani Rock. Interpretations of your favorite Pakistani songs and original material coming your way. Band members being heavily influenced by Junoon and Noori to Led Zeppelin and Eric Clapton.
    • Lineup:
      • Ali Nagaria (Lead Guitar)
      • Sinnan Fazwani (Lead Vocals and Rhythm guitar)
      • Athar Saeed (Drums)
      • Adeel Shah Tahir (Bass)
      • Naveed Anwar (Keyboard)
  • Dolfigerion is an underground band that independently composes and produces alternative rock and funk music. They aim to bring a diverse musical range to audiences everywhere.
    • Lineup:
      • Mohsin Raza Shah (Lead Guitar)
      • Mustafa Shah (Bass)
      • Arsal Raza Shah (Drums)
      • Safir Hasan (Guest Vocalist)
      • Arsalan Malik (Guest Rhythm Guitars)

For tickets, get in touch with:

0322-8252860 (Athar Saeed)
0345-2098588 (Sinnan Fazwani)
0347-2398167 (Adeel Tahir)
0341-9469200 (Mohsin Shah)

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