Group of Realtors/Property Consultants Visits DHA Head Office

A group of realtors/property consultants visited DHA Head Office and attended a meeting chaired by Administrator DHA Brig Shahid Hassan Ali in which various real estate business matters and exciting new projects/interventions being made in DHA City Karachi (DCK) were discussed. PD DCK, DCK officials, consultants and DHA officials were also present on the occasion.

Administrator said that realtors/property consultants play a pivotal role in providing public genuine and sincere guidance towards real estate investment options which are profitable, credible and viable. He said that the real estate activities temporarily nosedived/slowed down due to overall phenomenon of national slum in the real estate market will soon start showing sign of positivity and resilience. He highlighted the efficacy/versatile development strategy of DCK under which dynamic development activities have been unleashed to develop DCK as a unique, sustainable and modern city of international stature.

Administrator said that some wonderful interventions recently made in DCK and futuristic projects in the offing have enhanced the status and credibility of DCK manifold. He said that with initiation of Malir Motorway project, the travelling time of DCK from the metropolis will significantly reduce. He reiterated that with giving possession of plots to allotees in Sector-3 and opening the sector for construction the credibility, trust and efficacy of DCK has been augmented. He said that a vibrant Education City was coming up at DHA City which will be a nucleus and centre of excellence for promotion of contemporary scientific, engineering and business education.

He also revealed that possession of Sector-5 and Sector-7 in DCK will soon be given to allotees that will open a new era of progress and prosperity in the area.

Administrator said that DHA will take all possible measures to facilitate residents and to provide them an ambiance of modern, secure and comfortable living.

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  1. maj Arshad says:

    Sir when it comes to Bahria we get disappointed as dha city could not keep pace with its rival.

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