[Guide] DHA City Karachi (DCK) Renewal of Membership

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Members of DCK who were allotted membership with effect from 1st January 2010 are informed that their membership is expiring on 31st December 2014, therefore, they are required to get their membership re-newed as soon as possible. The effective date shall be the date of membership.

Members of DHA City Karachi (DCK) are required to update their membership record on occurrence of changes, like change of address, updation of family record, change of signatures, change of name, CNIC and change in facial appearance by providing latest photographs. The membership is allotted for a period of five years, thereafter, re-newal is required for next five years.

Contact CITI Associates at info@citiassociates.com.pk to get the complete facility through the DHA City Karachi (DCK) Membership Renewal process.


  • Application for re-newal of membership duly signed by the member.
  • 2x latest photographs passport size. Not more than 6 months old & Serving Armed Forces Officers, in-uniform. (Attested)
  • 2x Photocopies of CNIC/POC/NICOP. (as applicable) Attested
  • Latest present postal & permanent address.
  • Application for change of address. (If applicable)
  • Detail of legal heirs/family members.
  • 1x latest photograph (Passport size) of living family members. (Attested)
  • 1x copy of CNIC/NICOP/POC/Passport of over 18 years living family members. (Attested)
  • Change in marital status, addition /amendment of name & Change/addition/amendment of Father/Husband name. Application/Documentary Proof Required. (if applicable)
  • Photocopy of service card/Release/Retirement Order for Armed Forces & Registered in Cat ‘A’. (Attested)
  • Photocopy of Computerized (NADRA) Form-B & NICOP/POC/Passport for children under 18 years. (Attested)


  • The members to submit above said documents through post or deposit by hand in DHA Karachi under an application, duly signed by the member.
  • In case of deposit of documents by hand at Main Reception Counter, please collect renewal token from DCK Counter and visit DCK T&R Office alongwith original valid CNIC, NICOP, POC, Passport (as applicable) & DCK Membership Card for digital photograph & biometrics impression.

Five Year Renewal Fee:

  • “A” – Armed Forces (including Defence Paid Civilians): Rs. 2,000/-
  • “C” – Legal Heir/Hiba/Gift: Rs. 1,500/-
  • “B” – Civilian: Rs. 4,000/-
  • “D” – DHA Staff: Rs. 1,500/-
  • “B” – Spouse of Defence Forces Officers: Rs. 1,500/-
  • “DS” – DHA Employees: Rs. 1,500/-
  • “B” – Widows of Defence Forces Officers / Shuhdas: Rs. 1,000/-
  • “S” – Special Allotment: Rs. 1,500/-
  • “B” – Corporate Bodies: Rs. 15,000/-
  • “KPTS” – KPT Officials: Rs. 1,500/-
  • “B” – Foreigners / POC Holders: Rs. 30,000/-
  • “E-1” – JCOs / Solders (Temporary): Rs. 1,000/-
  • “E-2” – JCOs / Solders (Permanent): Rs. 1,000/-
  • “BS” – Sindh Govt Officials: Rs. 1,500/-

Same Day Renewal Fee – Rs. 2,000/-


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  1. Sheheryar Muftee says:

    Is physical presence a requirement or can I renew membership via mail. I live outside the country.

  2. kamal says:

    Let no stone unturned in looting the innocents.
    What is the sweet need for this re_ registtation?
    Do you fol the same prac in other socities too?

    • Kiran says:

      Very well said … 🙂 But they are not as big looters as Bahria .. they open a scheme ask heavy registrations and then sleep for years with no action.. Of course the millions of interest amount they get on people’s money is used for their projects development .. Crazy Corrupt Nation ..

  3. Rehan Ahmed says:

    Today is 30 Dec 2014 and tomorrow membership will be expired as per this post. Totally unable to understand this late intimation. Haven’t received earlier notifications.

    How Oversees pakistanis meet this deadline.


  4. Nadeem says:

    I’m abroad how can I renew my membership. please guide me.

  5. Asif says:

    What is it this, are we going to renew membership or applying fresh one. lots of requirements. why attestation required.

    • Asif says:

      is there any other form for renewal membership or same which is available at dhakarachi.org?

      anyone renewed his membership? please share details.

  6. dana says:

    Why such a high renewal fee for foreigners ?
    I live abroad and pakistan national am I still consider as foreigner :(…

  7. Amir says:

    If you are Pakistani citizen having NICOP and live abroad, you are in category of “Civilian” and need to pay 4000 Rupees for membership. Which is my understanding.

    Could Any one from DHA put more light on it?

    Below is details for foreigner/POC holder:

    All persons of Pakistan origin, not holding Pakistani nationality can get the POC.

    A person shall be an eligible foreigner of Pakistan origin or eligible for Pakistan Origin Card if he is a foreigner; and he had been a citizen of Pakistan at any time during his life.

  8. zubair says:

    After going through hectic effect agin new drama for geting benefits from poor nation. Have a heart . think before u plan . its too late n not understood except feeling shame that wht type of nation we are. Reconcile n review . Nation will not for give u

  9. Ghufran Ahmad says:

    From where can I get the Renewal Application Form ?

  10. Kamran says:

    Unbelievable. We get a note just one day ahead of the deadline. Why do we need to go through the entire drill of re-registration when the biometrics were already done four years ago? What do people like us do who are abroad and due to one work-related contingency or the other cannot fly out (no consideration for the expenses involved either). We live in a world where these processes should be simplified and certainly nto warrant physical presence — Nadra cards with chip and passports should be enough. Am just flabbergasted.

    • DHA Today says:

      You can update the membership whenever you are in Karachi. It is not a compulsory requirement to update the membership by 31st December 2014.

      • Muhammad Imran says:

        To DHA
        Why make it a complicated affair, simply ask for renewal fee and issue a fresh membership card. Kindly consider this suggestion sympathetically

  11. Khan says:

    this is Bullshit. DHA is looking to rob common people for no plausible rhyme or reason! membership should be lifetime. why do they have to renew this every 5 years?

    An easier way to make money for the DHA would be to do a few bank robberies. It will be quick money, and no burden on the common ppl as the bank money is insured!!!

  12. Asif says:

    For foreignersl pakistanis I think they visit pakistan then they can process their membership. If we see the above requirements they can post it. Its better to email DCK.

  13. Commander(Rtd) Syed Sohail Arshad Pak Navy says:

    Respected staff, I request a procedure to become member of DHA for retired armed forces officers.

  14. azmat says:

    Is there anybody to stop these type of a..h..es decision.

  15. DHA Today says:

    DHA City Karachi (DCK) Membership Renewal Form link is now added in the post above.

  16. Ghufran Ahmad says:

    Someone to please answer the following Queries:-

    1. Is it a family group photo required in para 3(g)?
    2. Why photos of Father & Mother are required ?
    3. Form is in PDF format. Even if I convert it into Word format, i can not paste a PP size pic on given small size box on the form. Only 1″x1″ pic can be pasted.

    Awaiting response from DHA City

  17. dana says:

    Foreingners pay 30 k to renew… wow double of corporates bodies.. can someone tell DHA administration that money do not grow on foreign trees.

  18. Noor ul Qamar says:

    It appears that if you want renewal on same day then pay extra 2000 rupees otherwise visit again and spend extra money on petrol. Anyone can answer by whom the documents are supposed to be attested?

  19. Ammara Nasir says:

    I am not in Pakistan at the moment. I will probably return in May 2015. Will it be possible for me to renew my membership in May 2015? Will there be a late fee?

  20. Asif says:

    DHA Today please answer,

    1) Photographs attest (of self and living members) from front or backside?
    2) Attestation from gazetted officer?

  21. Syed Tariq N. Ghani says:

    Renewal of membership fee for KPT Officers is Rs.1,500/-. Is it for serving officers or for retirees also? Fee for serving and retired officers of Port Qasim Authority (PQA) should also be Rs.1,500/-.

  22. Kamran Rehmat says:

    Even though we start with the broad idea that nothing will ever be on the straight-and-narrow in all things Pakistani, after all these years, it is amazing that the house is still not in order at DHA.

    1. You first get a notice just one day ahead of the deadline that hey, this plentiful is what you’ve got to do with the onus entirely on the end-user to deliver.

    2. The demands made on the client are, well, pretty demanding. No clear instructions are handed on why, and then how, the deliverables be delivered — the biometrics already done a few years ago, for some inexplicable reason, virtually jettisoned.

    3. Half of the people I know are still struggling to understand which side of the passport-sized photo is to be attested. The other half do not know if they have to send a separate block of photos or just paste (attach?) them to the form and THAT would suffice.

    4. The form itself is so poorly conceived that the filing challenge — pasting pictures in particular — is the ‘edge-of-the-seat’ kind of thriller. The space for the supposed 1X1 photo fixture itself is SMALLER than the stipulated size! If you somehow succeed in managing the impossible, you don’t know whether to have the attestee sign on the photo thereby overwriting the form’s details or on the side of the page to get the message across. In that case, it’s not such a good idea because anyone can tamper with the photo.

    5. I still can’t figure out what they mean by “whenever you’re in Karachi” for updation of records for those not in the country. Well, I haven’t been in Karachi for nearly four years! Also, this vague and ambiguous “whenever” bit flies in the face of the already submitted required details for re-registration by post (and I have gone through hell to get it done). Isn’t this a a bizaare exercise?

    6. The DHA management must realize that it is not possible for everyone, especially people who work abroad to make themselves available — even with a vague “whenever” timeline. Work-elated contingencies as well as expenses involved in travel far outweigh the cost of a needless re-registration adventure. If they must, and one also takes into account citizens who live far away in Islamabad or up north, there should be access points in at least the provincial capitals to do the needful without the need to have to go to Karachi.

    My sincere advice to the management is to please consider all the ponderables before asking members to do their bidding. And, if you will, to do so in a methodical manner, leaving no ambiguities whatsoever.

    Personally speaking, there really is no plausible reason to “re-register” and that, too, at the cost of the end-user, for a process that was pretty much nailed with the biometrics four years ago.

    • Arif Rehman says:

      fantastic analysis. i agree cent per cent. it is so confusing and so pointless. just ask the members for the fee through a wire transfer/cash/payorder. thats the end goal. leave us the pain of trying to decipher such a frustratingly confusing form.

  23. Imtiaz says:

    What a fallacy of Pakistan’s 1st sustainable city!

    Just for renewal of membership you have to submit following documents;

    1. Renewal Form 1
    2. Self Photographs 2
    3. CNIC copies 2
    4. Family Members Form 1
    5. Photos of fmly members 7 avg
    (Father, mother, spouse, Children)
    6. Copy of CNICs of fmly members 7
    Total Papers 20

    Just imagine, if there are 50,000 members, which could be more, then it is just a waste of 1 million papers.

    Is this sustainability?

    Plus how much fuel will be consumed to come to DHA city office even for people living in Karachi.

    It could simply be on-line form submission, uploading the documents and payment through credit card or bank transfer even if needed by DCK.

    • Muhammad Imran says:

      I fully endorse the view point of Mr Imtiaz. I suggest DHA City Admin should make the process simple. Those who have already been registered as member and should be issued with a fresh / new membership card preferably free; if DHA facing resource constraint then may be on payment which may cover the expenses of issuing a new card.

  24. Iqbal says:

    I live in USA and my kids have US citizenship. They dont have POC or Pakistani ID cards nor B-form enteries. Their US passports expired and not renewed yet. Can I send copy of their expired passport or I have to renew their passports and then apply for membership. The latter case would be long and tedious.
    My other question is can I buy a property at this time when my DHA city membership has lapsed or do I have to first renew the membership.

    • Jessie says:

      I for one will not invest in DHA, bharia or any such schemes as such a hastle to re-register or apply for new membership incase father died (have a look at that form). Transfer by hiba of legal heirs is ridiculous process. Not only I need to provide nicop and death certificàfe of my father but also his parents. Who died 1965? What the heck is all that about. Then if married add your spouse and children details who live across continents and may not have nicop, passports etc. And, ofcourse incomplete forms are rejected and who is going to attest forms travelling overseas the world to a Pakistani embassy with all family members. Need I go on, don’t even get me started on personal religious and sect information we need to provide. Why make your life difficult investing in Pakistan.

  25. Abdul Basit says:

    the renewal form submissions n fee should b through online, & the physical appearance of the member can b done at time delivery once card ready (if incase mandatory), DHA authority has to takes required measures

  26. RAZA ISMAIL says:

    I need to know the complete postal address of DHA CITY KARACHI AWAITING FOR YOUR QUICK RESPONSE.

  27. RAZA ISMAIL says:

    I need to know the complete postal address of DHA CITY KARACHIA,awaiting for your reply

  28. ike says:

    I have sent my renewal application but i wont be physically there before november. Can i buy a plot during this time or i have to wait till november.

  29. Allah dad says:

    Respected Sir, DHA City Karachi desp membership form to me on my address, but the same has been delivered to an other person who filled the particular. plz guide me how to dowload membership for category E . thanks

  30. aamer says:

    i completed all the requirements and dispatched the form to DHA city Kci office. Still not got any confirmation regarding renewal of my membership (A-906).

  31. Umar says:

    Confusing is correct. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why there is so much ambiguity on the forms. I sent an email out to them for clarification, but haven’t received a response in 4 days. Professionalism is certainly lacking. Alas, we’re all we’ve got at the moment.

    A question regarding the family member form. There’s an area there for CNIC, but all I’ve got is NICOP. Should I just put the NICOP number instead?

    Thanks in advance!

  32. Ghufran says:

    I paid my installments in September 2015 and requested 4 times to confirm receipt and update on website. Despite lapse of 6 months, still no response by DCK.

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