Hanifia – For The Best Hunter Beef Burgers!

When the world falls in love with the burgers and pizzas from the best international fast food joints; it is understandable. Firstly these joints have become part of the culture and are synonymous with fun. How so one asks? Simply because of the ideology of offering a family meal for everyone under roof which is easier to manage and easy to take away.

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Fast food is part and norm of the American culture given the hectic schedules and house work, people seldom have the time to sit down together for a meal. It is only on special occasions like Christmas or Easter that families come together and spend quality time because other than that it is a rush phone call to check up on things and moving on with life. Fast food fits in perfectly well for such a lifestyle; where 24 hours are less.

In a country like Pakistan or geographically speaking the sub-continent, family is priority Uno and comes before everything else. When families go out for dinner, they enjoy the meal over light chit chat. Even a dinner or lunch out for burgers is not meant to be a meal only visit, on the contrary it is very much a planned evening out and burgers are the highlight of the event.

When the burger wars began it was just the international food chains against each other, but with the passage of time, small entrepreneurial business stepped in with their own versions of this western delight. Very soon the desi bun kebab became the burger here in Karachi. Adding glory to this was the fact that small food stalls lined across the road rebranded themselves with the image of selling burgers instead of the bun kebab.

All the burgers currently being made around the city of Karachi are either grilled or deep fried patty’s, smothered in sauces and toppings. Even though it is just burgers, all of the eateries are pushing their boundaries to create a new or exciting burger with a twist so that the customer inflow is consistent. Also the pricing for burgers has been revised by many local business to compete successfully against the international fast food chains who are bound to stick to the higher price ranges.

Hanifia - For The Best Hunter Beef Burgers!

In this burger stampede is a meat shop which with the passage of time invented some of the most authentic burger meat and burger sauces. This is Hanifia primarily located at Jamshaed Road while another outlet is open at Khadda Market. Hanifia specializes in hunter beef and cured meat or poultry.

Phone: 0312-HANIFIA (4264342)
Website: http://www.hanifia.com

The burgers at Hanifia are made from these wonderfully cured meat selection with a generous dressing of its signature sauce. The specialty of burgers at Hanifia is that the meat selection is full of flavor and texture without the over load of toppings- it is the simplest of the burgers delivering the maximum taste.

Hanifia Burgers are a class apart because no one has introduced or come up with the idea for burgers with cured meat and Hanifia stands as a pioneer in this category.

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