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Top international burger joints have sprung up in Karachi within a matter of few years. The concept of burgers as a meal has taken off among the adults and children alike. Initially it was just the young crowd opting for burgers for dinners and lunches, now adults prefer burgers as well. The children have always been die hard burger fans.

Traveling and exposure to international food chains has brought awareness to the people, as a result we see international fast food chains flocked on weekends and weekdays. Business is good and progressing for them. Burgers can never go out as a favoured meal, simply because they are delicious, wholesome and easy to get hold off.

What could be better than a thick juicy burger to stave off the hunger pangs? Though it is noteworthy that burgers cannot be eaten very often firstly because of the fatty calories and secondly because of the cost. Burgers from international food chains make for amazing treats, but treats which may be enjoyed seldom considering the budgets.

Mothers tend to take it upon themselves to create replicas of these famous burgers; no doubt the trials are delicious, but not at all like the international chains. Considering the up-swing in the number of burger joints in Pakistan and the rising demand by the people- small businesses have set up their own burger joints, but with a twist.

The Burger Factory - DHA Karachi

These local burger joints do not have the capacity just now to compete directly with the international chains, but they do have the brains to entice away the weak willed customers with their own tasty twists on the burgers. The Burger Factory is the newest burger joint on the radius.

Address: 40-C, Lane 9, Bukhari Commercial Area, Phase-VI, DHA Karachi.
Phone: 0332-3080481 and 0345-2277652
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/burgerfactorypak/

The Burger Factory as the name suggests is a ‘take away’ joint which offers sumptuous and delicious burgers in Chicken, Beef, Mutton and Fish, with literally mouthwatering sauces, complemented by the favorite slush and other beverages.

The burgers have very interesting names based on the comic characters like Hulk and Captain America. Customers will love the thick prime beef juicy patty stuffed with cheddar cheese and topped with sautéed onions; this delicious treat goes by the name of Iron Man and true to its name, it is rich and heavy.

The Burger Factory - DHA Karachi

As far as the chicken burgers are concerned, The Pyro is highly recommended; it is deep fried crispy golden chicken topped with a hot sauce and pickles. Mouthful of each bite from The Pyro will tantalize the taste buds and steam will pour from the ears.

A taste of sweet and sour in a burger might sound a bit odd, but it is the best and most loved burger type at ‘The Burger factory’- this is Captain America. Though the taste for the captain America burger may be a tad bit unique for the local taste buds, it will grow and conquer the palate.

The burgers can be complemented with a choice of sides like mozzarella sticks, phoenix wings or fries. A complete meal at The Burger factory can easily fit the budget without the additional guilt of going overboard with eating out. Fix up a day or just stroll by to The Burger factory and get a delicious burger to savour and enjoy this weekend.

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  1. Sara says:

    awesome burgers! way better than the expensive international franchise. their iron man my favorite being juicy, soft and cheesy! i highly recommend 🙂

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