Hashmani’s Hospital

Pioneers in introducing the latest in ophthalmic advancements. The only hospital in Pakistan offering Femto (Bladeless) and Topo-Guided eye care service.

Hashmanis Hospital – The name that has stood for excellence in eye care since decade, has now moved to a new state-of-the-art facility. Genuinely first established in 1981, with the aim of serving humanity at any cost sophisticated still stand at Clifton Block. 8, area of Karachi. Enormously splendid and most advanced hospital with perfect authenticity and affiliated with government registry.  

Successfully developed organization with well reputed and experience history of achievements, prestigious gesture of holding Champaign’s, significantly authorized way of treating patients without cutting or using blade of any foam actually symbolize its uniqueness and perfection.

First launched as an institution keen to integrate the latest advancement in the field of eye care, Hashmanis is credited to introduced IOL in Pakistan in the year 1982 and then later introducing Phacoemulsification in the year 1995. Through Phacoemulsification, it was able to remove Cataract through small incisions without the need of any stitches. 

Hashmanis are not only better able to provide the unequalled care for the patients that have come here, but their research and education capabilities are second to none. Philanthropic support is critical in allowing them to fulfill their mission of providing quality patients care. A well experienced one of the very finest and competent team of Surgeons, Doctors and Practitioners are available under one roof to cure and serve the patients in different domains. 

At Hashmanis, the most experience, well reputed and highly qualified international based renowned DR. SHARIF HASHMANI, expert eye surgeon himself serving his services for over 30 years by practicing medicine in the field of eye surgery. Well dignified and pride virtue of his small step towards Pakistan’s prosperity and accuracy of achievement all technological advanced in eye care field actually recognized as a elementary and effective step. Dr. Hashmanis also the founder of the Association of Cataract Refractive Society of Pakistan, also served there as a founding President of Association. 

Hashmanis steak of introducing new technologies has never stopped since its establishments in 1981. In 2004, Hashmanis introduces Wave Front LASIK Technology in Pakistan. The following year, Hashmanis introduced the microphaco technique with rollerball IOLS, followed by the introduction of Torsional Phaco in 2006, and later on with the introduction of PHAKIC IOLs in Pakistan in the year 2007. 

Throughout the years since its establishment, Hashmanis has been able to achieve one milestone after the other. It is one of the only few institutions in Pakistan which has been running nationwide campaigns to prevent blindness and has organized over 200 free eye camps in collaboration with the Muslim Association to provide the best eye care facilities to the people in remote areas. Todays, Hashmanis is running five various charity hospitals in Pakistan, with two hospitals in Karachi, one in Swabi (KPK), one in Sahiwal (Punjab) and one in Kotri (Sindh). Hashmanis Hospital are recognized by CPSP for post graduate trainings one of the best institution for eye care. 

The most significant and actually aim of this institution is to provide and focus the treatment and care of patients with a wide range of eye problems from common complaints like cataracts to rare conditions which need treatments with special care and expertise. The main reason of their success rate and popularity is genuinely due to the fact that they have focused on a very simple vision – to promote the awareness of the general public through multimedia, seminars, workshop, exhibition and lectures. 

Research have shown that up to 70% – 80% of blindness and visual impairment can be prevented if treated properly. Sadly, the average Pakistani is either unaware of these treatments. Today, there is an annual requirement of over 300,000 cataract surgeries in Pakistan, but only 140 of those surgeries happen per year. “to achieve its vision, Hashmanis have alone held over 100 free camps and have performed over 90,000 cataract surgeries by examining over a million patients since 1981. All the steps have been taken to achieve their mission: to prevent blindness by the means of mass awareness campaigns, free eye camps and free eye hospitals”. 

To promote the vision of Hashmanis, Dr. Sharif has launched the Hashmanis Mobile Eye Hospital. The mobile eye hospital includes a first class field hospital equipped with a surgical units and a state of the art operation theatre on the pattern on “ ORBIS”, the famous flying hospital. Fully committed to combat blindness in Pakistan, planning a Mobile Train Eye Hospital on the pattern of ORBIS the flying Hospital. Hashmanis Foundation Is sure and confident that philanthropic organizations and people will come forward to help launched the “MOBILE TRAIN EYE HOSPITAL”.

Hashmanis well reputed expert specialist, surgeons, nurses, health professionals, administrators and support staff with great experience that help patients to handle simple and complex problems. Almost 30+ qualified consultants from all specialities and sub specialities are available at Hashmanis Hospital. 


  • Emergency
  • Eye Emergency
  • Pharmacy
  • Laboratory


  • Pharma
  • General Surgery
  • Cardiology
  • Pediatric
  • ENT
  • Gyne & Obs.
  • Dental
  • Psychiatry
  • Pathology & Microbiology
  • Radiology


  • Dr. Ahmed Kamal
  • Dr. Hanif Godil
  • Dr. Saba Al Khairy
  • Dr. Sabeen Imtiaz
  • Bladeless Cataract Surgeon ( FLACS) at Hashmanis
  • Dr. Khaliq ur Rehman

Address: G-18, Block 8, Ch. Khaliq-uz-Zaman Road, Near Numaish Chorangi, Clifton, Karachi, Pakistan-75600
Phone: (021) 35866042-43, (021) 111 142 273, 0333 3667335
Email: info@hashmanis.com.pk
Website: http://www.hashmanis.com.pk/

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