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Those of you who are readers of cosmere, would be familiar with its ever-changing, highly adaptable, out-of-this-world and one-step-ahead character Hoid. Like its fiction-namesake, Hoid furniture store has been creating furniture with almost the same features and selling it online since 2013. They have opened a new outlet recently at Emerald Tower, Clifton. Now we can go and admire the posh furniture pieces physically whenever we want instead of waiting for exhibitions.

Hoid samples modernised and efficient home & office furniture and wares. Their designs remind you of something digital, slick but slightly tending towards crudeness. The style is half contemporary; half future. And one must say that the future part is what makes Hoid more interesting.

They are also expanding in the area of kids’ furniture. In the mean time they have one or two types of kids’ beds which your kids will literally roll on.

Space saving and multi-purpose furniture is going to be the next roar in the coming years. With population increasing and people inclining more towards small dwellings instead of big houses, saving space is fast becoming an issue. You can find such pieces – bed with an open cabinet and drawers, coffee table with hidden storage and multi-purpose wall hangers – at this place in moderate prices. Sure to be a good investment.

Address: Emerald Tower, Khayaban e Iqbal, Do Talwar Chorangi, Plot No. G-19, Block 5 Clifton Karachi, Pakistan 75600
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Hoidpk/
Website: www.hoid.pk

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