Homemaker – Transforming Houses into Homes!

A house becomes a home when people live in and add personalized touches to the place. To a person, home is where the heart is. It takes people to build a home and bring in happiness; families make the home livable. However more a home has to be comfortable; it seems fairly easy to say than do.

Creating a comfortable home requires exhaustive debates as to what kind of furnishing will be suitable, the colour of the furniture and most importantly the placing. It is not possible, for a family to not enter in an argument while deciding upon the furnishing of the house; it is unavoidable. The sole reason being, everyone has a different idea of what is comfortable yet looks good. Thus the skirmishes- it’s a difference of opinion basically.

So a simple task of making a home comfortable becomes a rather horrible nightmare for many. A lot of people tend to hire interior designers for an interior makeover of the home; it is a costly option. Since not many can afford the ginormous fee and then the expense of the furniture itself. For the few who can and do avail this option: bravo, whereas the rest need not fall into a miserable depression and look for sub-standard options to furnish their dream homes with.

Homemaker located Nishat Commercial Area, offers the perfect solution. In essence Homemaker is a furniture and home décor store, but along with this, they provide complete interior designing if required.

Address: C-3-C, Nishat Commercial Area, Khayaban-e-Muhafiz, Phase 6, DHA Karachi.
Phone: 021-35347170
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/HOMEMAKER/116624615029523

The first visit is a stunner for many clients, primarily because of the designs and finesse of the work on the furniture. Be it traditional mughal art work or contemporary designs in subtle colours- Homemaker is the best place. An entrance or foyer offers the first step in a home; thus they have to look warm and welcoming; a chandelier depending upon the space and height from Homemaker will make the first view beautifully mesmerizing.

An entire room’s furniture can be chosen at leisure with assistance from the professional interior designers present at the shop. It is not necessary to have the entire room furnished from Homemaker; clients can opt to purchase just a set of lounge chairs or a dining table.

Professional help in taking decisions is not wasted, on the contrary- it saves up time, space and money. Furniture and interior designing ideas at Homemaker are not extremely costly like the rest. An added benefit here would be the ongoing sale as well.

Now what would be better than buying designer furniture at really great bargain prices with a complete interior designing idea to go along as well? Women will be extremely pleased to know of modern kitchen set ups, which will make other women green with envy. A complete kitchen with appliances can be set up once a woman decides amongst the numerous choices. The children’s room can be personalized- a simple step required would be to let them take the lead with their likes and hobbies, thereon Voila!

A sale at Homemaker is not to be missed, it is a golden opportunity!

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