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Kids at home during the months of June and July is the first sign about the advent of the summer holidays. The first few days for the parents and children alike is fun, catching up about the happenings of the entire year and going out quite a few times for dinner or lunches. Also squeeze in a few day spends with the cousins or friends, but despite all of this activity, it does not cover the 2 months.

Best Guest Houses in DHA Karachi & Clifton

Give or take a few weeks have passed and the tantrums begin when the children get bored. Taking days off from office work is not a possibility for all the fathers or working mothers, thus the children are reduced to watching television all day long while binging on fatty snack food. Not healthy at all and greatly discouraged by the doctors and nutritionists.

Hotel One Karachi by Pearl ContinentalOnce upon a time, relatives from within the country from a different city or from abroad would come to K-town in the summers to visit, this way all the kids would get together have a lovely vacation. Today given the high cost of travel and living expenses, it has become rather difficult to manage a travel plan.

Staying at Five star hotels is out of the question, the prices quoted for a night’s stay can be used to pay for the travel by bus or train for a family of four. So even if the guests do come for the summer vacations, they are always welcomed at home as per our tradition. The long hours of load shedding and water shortage will most definitely not make that trip memorable for the guests or their children, instead they would try and go back as soon as possible.

No matter how much the host tries, there is always something which can or will go wrong on such an occasion; the maid may not turn up or the gas might just go out when it is time to cook the breakfast or worst case scenario is the guests falling ill from eating out at a restaurant. Combating so many obstacles in a limited means budget to give the guests the best comfort is the most difficult task imaginable.

The ladies of the house and the men are constantly on foot to take corrective action. And in case the guests are not living at the home of the host then the fatigue of picking up and dropping the guests is worse. All in all it just sums up to be the worst time to have guests. Taking care of all the hassle and giving the guests and the host’s peace of mind is Hotel One.

Address: C-16, Block 4, Clifton, Karachi.
Phone: 021-35879844-46
Fax: 021-35879846

Hotel One is by Pearl Continental and so the level of professional care can be imagined. From the arrival of the guests till their departure, every need of the hour is taken care of by the staff. The rooms are far more moderately priced than the five star hotels. Be it a meal or the need for pick and drop to the nearest mall- everything can be arranged.

Hotel One Karachi by Pearl Continental - Clifton Karachi

Because of the Hotel One’s central location, all the malls and eateries are a stones throwaway. Now guests and the host’s can enjoy the time together without worry.

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