House of Magnificance – Zunn

Building homes is a onetime investment and opportunity which comes along the way once for most of the people. Dream homes may or may not be achievable by many because of their budgets or lack of professional expertise. For all those who fail to build or create their dream homes, out of lack of professional consultancy, it a sheer waste of money and time- the result is a lackluster interior which barely makes the place look alive.

House Of Zunn - Clifton Karachi

House of Zunn is a savior for such half- hearted unprofessional interiors attempted by the home owners to save money; noteworthy is that they don’t save money, they waste it. At the House of Zunn, the design philosophy balances eastern influences with modern elegance, creating space and furniture that exudes style and timeless luxury.

Address: F-17, Block-5, Kehkashan, Clifton, Karachi.
Phone: 021-35834030

The stated philosophy holds a lot of value; clients will own furniture that will not need updating with the changing trends, instead it will blend in with the overall theme or set up. Another aspect to interior designing from the House of Zunn is the optimum use of space available without creating a claustrophobic room overly laden with obnoxiously heavy furniture.

House of Zunn specializes in interior designing, consultation and furniture manufacturing; the craftsmanship is exquisite with attention being paid to the minutest details. House of Zunn delivers top notch service and quality to its customers as promised.

The duo behind these stunning furniture masterpieces created at House of Zunn are Uzma Mirza and Seema Sherazee; their style is contemporary and elegant with the added essence of being timeless. Their extensive international travel and exposure to trends, lifestyles and culture worldwide brings a universal perspective to their design work, furniture and accessories collection.

Ideally the ultimate experience at the House of Zunn begins for the clients with the consultation. Many of the clients come with a perceived idea of how they would like the interior of their houses to look like, while most brainstorm random ideas, thrown pell-mell into one big hotchpotch.

An initial complimentary in-home design consultation with the experts at the House of Zunn is likely to reap huge results. The first phase begins with the experts taking down what exactly the clients are looking for when doing the interiors. The first phase encompasses a detailed discussion about the style, budget and ideas from the clients, while presenting summaries of ideas which would suit the stated requirements.

Next a detailed photography session with measurements of the home to be furnished is taken. Next the team brings up a mock lay out of the furniture pieces and a presentation for the client. Once approved, the team will keep the clients informed about the installation and arrival of furniture pieces.

Very soon the house will be elegantly decorated in exquisitely designed furniture pieces from the House of Zunn- the place will come alive instantly, spreading warmth and comfort for the home owners.

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