How Overseas Pakistani’s Can Apply for DHA Oasis Karachi?

DHA Karachi launches DHA Oasis Karachi, Ready Farmhouses of 2000, 2500 and 3000 Square Yards in DHA City Karachi (DCK). A complete living unit with 3-4 spacious bedrooms, modern kitchen, swimming pool. barbeque area, beautifully landscaped lawns etc. Possession in 30 months. Here are the complete account details for Overseas Pakistani’s who are interested in applying for DHA Oasis Karachi?

For complete information about DHA Oasis Karachi, kindly get in touch with contact CITI Associates at

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How Overseas Pakistani's Can Apply for DHA Oasis Karachi

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  1. Sohail says:

    Pls let me know what about the form….
    Whats the process for overseas pakistani
    How can we apply…
    Do we have to fill the form… if yes so how to send the completed form….
    And what about the registration fee… do we have to transfer via bank? And how we will get refund of our fund?

  2. F Ashraf says:

    Dear Sir,
    1. Overseas Pakistanis have to make all payments in us dollars or in Pak Rupees.
    2.Do they have some special quota for overseas Pakistanis?
    3.Down payment amount announced or not yet?
    Kindly acknowledge asap and oblige me.
    Best regards.
    Fahim Balkhi

  3. mansoor says:

    after this registration and successful balloting what will be amount required with booking form

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