How To Transfer DHA City Karachi (DCK) Plot

How To Transfer DHA City Karachi (DCK) PlotDifferent sizes of residential and commercial plots have been planned in DHA City Karachi keeping in view residential and commercial needs of the society. Sizes of these plots vary from 200 – 2000 sq yd.

Sale/Purchase of DHA City Karachi plots are on a high these days. If you want to transfer DHA City Karachi (DCK) plot, following documents are required to be submitted: –

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  • Covering letter requesting for transfer of a plot with additional three signatures for signing in the presence of Defence Housing Authority Designated Officers. (Specimen attached).
  • Affidavit on Rs. 20/- Stamp Paper (Specimen Attached) duly attested.
  • Original Information Letter/Title document.
  • 1 x Photocopy of CNIC of both parties duly attested.
  • Affidavit regarding NO LOAN by the Seller (specimen attached).
  • INDEMNITY BOND by the Seller (specimen attached).
  • INDEMNITY BOND by the Buyer (specimen attached).
  • Affidavit by the Buyer (specimen attached).
  • In case only Information Letter has been issued, transfer of plot can be undertaken through an application for Issuance of Intimation Letter and Cancellation in name of new owners (Specimen attached).
  • In case of Transfer of plot in the name of more than one owner, a consent letter from all the co-sharers is required to be attached, indicating/mentioning the name and address of the co-sharer on which the correspondence is to be made (Specimen attached).
  • GHQ NOC, in case of transfer by Armed Forces allottee officer (serving/retired), alloted by GHQ.
DHA City Karachi Map - Master Plan

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  • Ensure 25% of total price of plot has been paid.
  • Attach CVT paid proforma for all size of commercial plots and 500 sq yds or above Residential plots.
  • After ‘Sign Before’ on the transfer documents, the designated officer will return the documents to the transferor.
  • Once you (transferor) and the buyer (transferee) have completed your transaction for whatever consideration, then the papers may be handed over to the buyer (Transferee).
  • The Transferee to pay the transfer fee in the Account Branch. The Account Branch Counter will make necessary endorsement on the covering letter.
  • The buyer (transferee) to deposit the Transfer Documents at the Reception (veranda) and obtain a receipt. The receipt will indicate the date of collection.
  • All fees are subject to change without notice.
  •  Before making out a Pay Order/Bank Draft please find out the outstanding dues and current rate of Fee from Accounts Branch Counter.
  • In case you desire your case to be processed on urgent basis, on payment of requisite emergent fee, please contact the Director T&R for necessary endorsement before paying the fees/submitting the documents at the counter.
  • The Buyer may check whether the property is clear or not for transfer by paying Rs. 1000/- in cash at account counter. Information will be given the next day.
  • For Transfer through court, the Transfer papers to be prepared after getting briefing from Administrative Officer.

Attestation of Affidavits

  • Affidavit executed within Karachi (Pakistan) be got attested by Oath Commissioner/Notary Public/ Nazim concerned.
  • Affidavit executed outside Karachi (within Pakistan) be got attested by 1st class Magistrate/Nazim concerned.
  • Affidavits executed outside Pakistan be got attested from authorised officer of Pak Embassy abroad or the Consulate General.

DHA City Karachi Property Transaction (Instructions & Specimens)

1. Transfer of Plot

2. Miscellaneous


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  1. NAVEED NAWAB says:

    i want to transfer a commercial plot which is in the name of my brother who is a dha employee but i m not
    please let me know that is this necessary that before transfer i have to become a member of dha and what is a transfer fee for 2oo yds commercial [lot in dha city

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