How to treat your animals on Eid-ul-Azha 2018?

The spirit of Eid ul Azha is rampant in the air. Cows, goats, sheep & camels are being seen abundantly in the streets once more. Animal-sacrifice is the core of this occasion and people use three methods to fulfill this responsibility:

  • Cater a live animal at home for a few days and then sacrifice it themselves
  • Share with others for one or more portions in an animal and distribute meat themselves
  • Donate for portions in charity and let them deal with it.

The most popular of the above mentioned is catering a live animal and everyone becomes too excited at the prospect. While it is the most appreciated method, it also has a determined protocol about the sacrificial animals. One must know how to respect it and care for it because CARE does not only mean feeding it. This article lists things one should NOT do regarding sacrificial animals.

1. Do not make fun of them:

Never make fun of animals, let alone sacrificial. It is unethical and also a sin. Let Allah be the judge of the quality of a Qurbani. Do not pass remarks on their bulid, colour, amount of fat or size as not only the owner feels slighted, but the animals can also sense behaviors if not the actual words.

2. Do not use abusive language for them:

As mentioned above, animals can understand nature of a certain behavior and thus can get affected by the language you use for them. Good comments and a little love will keep them healthy.

3. Do not slight them or compare them:

One should respect an animal devoted for sacrifice as it is an offering to Allah almighty from you. It should be an unsaid fact that every person will choose his/her offering to be as best as he/she can. Comparing animals according to their size, height, small legs or drooped ears is a very immature and rude thing to do.

4. Do not be harsh with them physically:

Anyone performing any act of physical violence against these animals could be reasonably thought of as a criminal. One might be beating them out of fun or anger on their slow movement but it is highly forbidden and a loathsome behavior.

5. Do not forget to clean them and their surroundings:

Cover the animals sufficiently if the weather is cold and give them a wash regularly. Keep their dwelling place clean and scrubbed and assure they have ample feed.

6. Do not frighten them just for fun:

That is a sad occurrence which is observed more than often at this time-period. People tend to scream loudly, whistle shrilly and try to scare the poor animals especially as they are being loaded out of the carriers they are brought home into. Sometimes cows are scared away just to watch them run and experience the thrill of catching a runaway cow. We really need to change this conduct if we want our sacrifices to be beneficial and be accepted in front of The Almighty.

7. Do not speak of them in terms of dishes you will have:

Oblation is strictly meant to be for Allah and the animals we slaughter for this purpose are mainly to be distributed amongst the poor and relatives and thought of as investments for the Day of Judgement; not only for the purpose of storing away and planning elaborate meals. Instead of looking at a cow and imagining how much barbecque it may provide, think of how to respect it more and how to distribute the meat to please the One it was originally meant for.

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