‘I Heart Karachi’ at The Second Floor

An Art Exhibition by Asma Javeri

Inspired by the intersection of medicine and art, the ‘I Heart Karachi’ series expresses her love for this sprawling city through illustration. It is a tribute to a place where she will always belong – a place she call home.
The foundation of this series has been laid upon a chosen few landmarks that hold a lifetime of memories for her, and her lifelong love for art and medicine. This can clearly be seen in the fusion of forms created, from the organic nature of the human anatomy to the undeniable shapes of the city.

About the Artist:

Asma Javeri is a Karachi-based illustrator and a chronic doodler – a passion Javeri developed in her early days.

Each of her creations exhibits her unique love for both art and medicine and the dilemma of having to choose one between the two disciplines as a career path. Now, she fulfils both of these passions through her personal projects which often feature medical illustrations.

Her Instagram series Choclatomy was featured in Design Taxi; she runs a T-shirt brand by the name of 101.beats.per.minute and has created artwork for Album Covers in the past.

Javeri is a Communication Design graduate of Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture with over five years of experience in the digital advertising industry. Currently she is the Creative Director at The Brand Crew.

Opening Reception: Wednesday, 13th February 2019
Time: 05:00 PM – 08:00 PM
Venue: Faraar Gallery, T2F
Entry: Free!
Event Link: https://web.facebook.com/events/395395384569173/

Display continues till Wednesday, 27th February 2019.

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