‘Ice Berg’ – The House of Quality Ice Cream and Kulfi opens at Bukhari Commercial Area (Phase 06)

Spring is just around the corner for the people of Karachi, it is last minute good-byes to dear old frosty winters which make an appearance of not more than a month or two. As the last vestige of the winters take a hike, flower buds begin blooming whereas multiple shades of green will be seen as the trees return to their full glory.

Seasonal change from spring to summer is far more rapid in Karachi in comparison to any other city. Summers will bring with it, its own joys and hardships, while there are mangos to enjoy amid the monsoon rain, the hot humid weather will be a kill joy. During such extremely hot and humid temperatures, people gravitate towards chilled drinks and delights to beat the heat.

The moment chilled and cold delights are mentioned, the very first thought is the all time favourite ’Ice-Cream’. Ice-Creams are loved by the young and old alike, but what if this delicious frozen delight is from a well known yet old ice cream maker? One that has maintained its quality and name, but has not branched out from its first outlet?

'Ice Berg' - The House of Quality Ice Cream and Kulfi opens at Bukhari Commercial Area (Phase 06)

Located at Dr Daud Pota Road Saddar, Karachi, Ice Berg, the House of Quality Ice Cream and Kulfi is one of the oldest ice-cream makers in town. It stands tall and proud to this day for serving rich and creamy frozen delights to its customers many of whom travel from afar to enjoy the treats.

In addition to serving ice-cream, they also serve the delectable desi frozen dessert Kulfi in assorted flavours. On a happy and positive note, it will be an absolute delight for the residents of DHA and Clifton to hear of an Ice Berg outlet near their homes. The original Ice Berg has opened a branch located at Shop # 2, 17-C, Lane 2, Bukhari Commercial Area, Phase VI. Fans can now head over and enjoy the regular ice-cream flavours or indulge in the seasonal goodness of flavours like Chikoo, Custard Apple (Sharifa) or Kinoo (Oranges). For the sake of sheer indulgence customers ought to try their Roasted Almond or Gateau Parfait ice-creams- unique and bursting with rich goodness they compliment the perfect end to a meal.

Address: Shop # 2, 17-C, Lane 2, Bukhari Commercial Area, Phase VI, DHA Karachi.
Phone: 0333-3430852 and 021-35241453

Furthermore an expedition to Ice Berg is incomplete until and unless one does not take a box of the famous Sicilian Ice Cream for take away. Available only in litre packs, it is a trio of plain vanilla layered in the middle with thick chunky shards of chocolate and crunch ice-cream sealed with a chocolate ice cream base. Sicilian undoubtedly is a winner for most of the people. Likewise the desi traditional treats of Kulfi are available in unusual yet delicious roasted almond, badam zafran and rose flavour.

Customers can either dine in or opt for take away at this outlet. At Ice Berg they are pleased to take large orders for parties and dinners; the goods are transported in large insulated boxes filled with dry ice.

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