‘Identifiable Localities’ Art Exhibition at IVS Gallery

The routine of everyday life makes one overlook the intricate details around us. Often the job at hand takes up the entire focus and the surroundings are taken for granted and depended upon like clockwork. Unless there is an uncharacteristic change or a disturbance in the equilibrium the environment is rarely noticed and taken as a constant. Yet this environment is of utmost importance and the details crucial as they affect and shape human behavior and in turn societies. These details form the layers which fabricate human life.

Date: 9th April 2014
Time: 04.30pm onward
Where: Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture: ST-33, Block 2, Scheme 5, Clifton, Karachi, Pakistan)

Six artists give an insight into their cultural geographies. The artists have picked up on the complex details of everyday life which are never paid any heed and taken in stride. Their concerns and imagery are not just a peek into their settings but also a view of their perceptions and relations; personal and common experiences which are recognizable by all those familiar with this region.

'Identifiable Localities' Art Exhibition at IVS Gallery

These artists are fresh graduates from different art schools in Pakistan. Following different ideologies and diverse trainings they connect through their subject matter, using different and basic mediums to translate their thoughts and put them across to the viewer. The banality of the imagery stuns the viewer at first but on closer inspection the banal becomes significant, when the importance is made evident through careful and almost precious rendering of the works projecting deep connection and association.

  • Curated by: Hajra Haider Karrar
  • Participating Artists: Wasif Afridi , Fariha Taj, Mohammad Mujeeb, Zahra Asim, Arsalan Nasir, Sidra Asim

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