Implementation of One Way Traffic Regime in DHA Phase-VIII

DHA is a dynamic and forward looking Housing Authority which is always planning and taking versatile measures including planning of efficient traffic management regime to ensure ease and convenience of residents. Accordingly change of ‘One Way Regime‘ flow of traffic direction on main Kh-e-Shujaat and Kh-e-Shaheen leading into and out of DHA Phase-VIII has been made.

As per the new plan the traffic will enter DHA Phase-VIII from Kh-e-Shujaat and the traffic from Phase-VIII will exit from Kh-e-Shaheen. The proposed change of entrance / exit directions will ensure smooth and uninterrupted flow of traffic in DHA Phase-VIII and help in mitigating traffic congestion during the school hours.

The proposed change of one way traffic regime direction will only be implemented after making the residents/public aware of the same through a comprehensive social, electronic and print media campaign. This will help in smooth transition of traffic regime and ensure avoidance of any untoward traffic incidence or any inconvenience to public.

New traffic sign boards, direction signs, road markings and speed breakers are being made on priority before implementing the new traffic plan. The change in traffic regime will only be made after the complete installation of new road signs/markings.

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