Important Points of DHA City Karachi (DCK) Balloting Results 2013

Important Points of DHA City Karachi (DCK) Balloting Results 2013

Computerized Balloting for allotting Plot Numbers to Residential/Commercial Plots of DHA City Karachi (DCK) was held on 23rd April, 2013 at Convention Hall of Defence Authority Country & Golf Club DHA Phase-VIII Karachi.

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We will keep on updating the following lists as we get more and more information. For the time being, here are few important main points of the DCK Balloting Results 2013:

  1. There are total 16 Sectors in DHA City Karachi (DCK)
  2. Each Sector is further divided into Sub-Sectors i.e. A, B, C, D, E and F.
  3. There are total 5084 Residential Plots (All Categories) of 200 Square Yards.
  4. There are total 5928 Residential Plots (All Categories) of 300 Square Yards.
  5. There are total 13274 Residential Plots (All Categories) of 500 Square Yards.
  6. There are total 1357 Residential Plots (All Categories) of 1000 Square Yards.
  7. There are total 1072 Commercial Plots (All Categories) of 200 Square Yards.
  8. There are total 81 Commercial Plots (All Categories) of 500 Square Yards.
  9. There are total 20 Commercial Plots (All Categories) of 1000 Square Yards.
  10. There are total 8 Commercial Plots (All Categories) of 2000 Square Yards.
  11. Under the Short-Term Development Plan (2012-2015) Sector 3, Sector 5, Sector 6 and Sector 7 will be developed.
  12. Under the Mid-Term Development Plan (2015-2020) Sector 2, Sector 4, Sector 8, Sector 9, Sector 10 and Sector 16 will be developed.
  13. Under the Long-Term Development Plan (2020-2030) Sector 11, Sector 12, Sector 13, Sector 14 and Sector 15 will be developed.
  14. DCK Healthcare City (39 Acres) will be adjacent to the Super Highway.
  15. DCK Theme Park (52 Acres) will be adjacent to the Super Highway.
  16. Education City is 0.5km from DHA City Karachi (DCK)

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  1. Manzar Mahmood says:

    DCK Rates updates

  2. abbas fakhruddin says:

    very impressive and to the point keep it up Abbas Fakhruddin

  3. Aamir says:

    How to find out which plot has been assigned to me. Where is the list ?

  4. Omar says:

    Wher is the DHAcity plan how to know, that the excat location of our plot.? such as street no. corner or facing park. commercial etc.

  5. Tariq Hasany says:

    I am not living in Pakistan. My wife has 1000 yards plot in DHA City.

    Please guide me how do I get the details about the plot location? Is there any on-line search site of DHA? Thanks in advance for your time and devotion.

    Tariq Hasany

  6. khurram says:

    300 yards civilian category plot for sale in sector 6D on money demand 21 lac final contact number 03332214701

    • DHA Today says:

      @Khurram – Price will now be calculated on “Lump Sum Price Method” and there will be no ON money factor now. Sector 6-D is in the Mid-Term Development Sector, so 300 Square Yards total amount will be around 23 to 28 Lacs.

      If you want to sale your plot, kindly get in touch at

  7. Noman Memon says:

    Where u can find development factor , pricing & exact location for 1000 yards . I need to sell mine .


  8. Muhammed khan says:

    My plot located in 12-c 500 J category.

    I want to sale it immediately if any one intrested please reply with contact information

  9. Aurangzeb says:

    where the plot 13f located in the map given on your website. f is not mentioned.

  10. Amjad says:

    I have a plot 300 sq yards in 11E. What is the market value can somebody guide me please.

  11. Dilawar says:

    Where can I find complete map of sector 11A?

  12. farrukh tariq says:

    I want to sell 200 commercial in 11B/4c plot number 2 best offer awaiting.

  13. syed fahad ali says:

    very informative..

  14. Qazi zia says:

    Hi Salam!
    I want to sell out my 500 sq yds residential plot J-cat 7D sectoer Plot No 854,,,,,
    Offer 70 Lac plz contact on 03454540116 after 1800Hrs

  15. major irfan says:

    assalamo alaikum
    where i can get MAP of following plots
    sector 6D AND 9D

  16. shahbaz shafi says:

    DHA city have allocated all the plots?I have heard that DHA city will offer new plots via balloting in future.

  17. mrs.nasr says:

    I cant find the tge price schedule plz let me no for 300 n 500 yards.

    is this tge right time for purchase the plot.

  18. nasr says:

    When will the correction in prices will be made, any idea n how much would be the difference .

  19. Muhammad Ramzan says:

    i want to chck plot no

  20. pervez says:

    can anybody tell me which zone will be developed first?
    i want to buy 500 sq yard plot and build it in the next 3 years, please help

  21. Haresh says:

    why are sector 11-15 given such low privilege? beside being farthest from the highway, those are being developed most lately?

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