Improv for Self Workshop with Muneeb ur Rehman

You are a well-spring of ideas, emotions and memories, a latent poet, artist and genius. Experience your innate humanity and creativity through improvisational theatre to tap into your hidden potential. Learn to be spontaneous to create dramatic pieces, fun characters and interesting stories in the moment, off the cuff, on the fly. Give in to the joy and discovery of the unknown as you step into a dynamic journey of trust-building and exploration, all the while having fun with your team partners. The process is also therapeutic, relieving you of anxieties and facilitating with self-discovery. No script, no preparation, no prior experience as performer-come with your presence to be on your way.

They will spend three days playing games, activities and drills that open ourselves up, connect us to each other and bring drama to life. The workshop will culminate with a ‘sharing session’ on the fourth day with those curious about improvisation and who want to see what it is like to surrender to uncertainty with joy and trust. They will give them a taste of the attitude and fun from the process of the workshop and how that can carry to our everyday life.

About the Instructor:
Muneeb ur Rehman is a theater practitioner, educator and improvisation coach with ten years of experience in the creative industry as actor, presenter and voice over artist. Having performed in a variety of theater productions- from absurd to farce, from nautanki to historical story enactment- he currently applies theater for education, development and critical thinking. Trained from iO Chicago, he has practiced improvisational theater for four years as performer and coach. He has partnered with schools, NGOs, Youth Programs and commercial organizations to help them achieve their objectives through theater. Over the summer of 2018, he taught improvisational theater and curated shows across theaters in Nepal. He will be conducting the workshop “I am Us, Us is me” at the Global Performers Convention Performing the World in September in New York.

They only have capacity for 15 participants, so please sign up at the door from 1pm-6pm on the day of the event or send us an email at for online registrations. First come, first served. (You can also Call/message/Whatsapp at 0302-2511440  Muneeb Ur Rehman to book your spots.)

Event Name: Improv for Self Workshop with Muneeb ur Rehman
Venue: Faraar Gallery, The Second Floor (T2F), 10-C, Sunset Lane 5, Phase 2 Extension, DHA, Karachi.
Date: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th October 2018
Time: 06:30 PM – 09:30 PM
Registration Fee: Rs. 3500/- (for 4 sessions) -10% discount (upon showing student ID)
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