Indus Academy

Nation needs motivation with accuracy to enhance their life structure without being mentally retarded, in which education sectors always be the first priority of human being to get themselves involve with. In responding to the private sector demand for a better quality of educational inflammation with well monetized structure compared to what was being imparted at government-run schools. To emphasize the intellectual morality about education across the world. Technology seems the more efficient method to deliver right kind of education, to right student on right time at right place. To develop in children a lifelong love of learning via authentic and vigorous curriculum that encourages creativity and inquiry; to enable them to optimize as concerning rounded individuals; to build more influential, capable and tolerant citizen in multicultural Pakistan.

The INDUS ACADEMY, took this well recognized initiative to actually distribute well authorized education system to make youth more powerful into the extraordinary way. The first branch of the school was opened in the old Clifton area. Now it become a highly recommended institution of intellectual and learning place for children. Today Indus, continuously providing authentic and dynamic structure of education with integrated network of 3 branches (located in Clifton). 

The Indus Academy has its roots in the Playschool, a nursery school started in August 1989 with four students. Encouraged by the success of the nursery and the confidence of the parents, the school started Primary Level class in 1998. Student number continued to grow and the school continued to expand. In 2006 The Indus Academy was recognized by the British Council as a Bona Fide Institution preparing children for the O’Level exams. The first batch of students sat for their O’Levels in 2007.

As started with a small yet quite impressive style of education with all possibilities of widen roots of intellectual horizon for student to extension of far recognized valued center. The school has continuously nurtured the children with persistent and prominent enthusiasm and integrity as encouragement. More significant perspective of school is; its highly well experienced, efficient, capable and surely committed administration, well qualified and professional leads of teachers with empowered nature, super quick and dignified staff members honestly willing on focusing on each and every child individually to help them attain their full potential.

The faculty and administration always seems to play a tremendous role to enable any institution more powering by creating an atmosphere of warmth and care. Their schooling at Indus has been an integral part of significant knowledge base center. Indus undoubtedly provide lots of opportunities of their students to participate in plays, debates, music, student council and many more. Basically their aim is to provide a stimulating environment focusing on excellence in teaching and learning, in order to impart a holistic all round education. A child gets only one go at education-we want it to be the best.

The Indus Academy upholds the best traditions and values to develop its students into responsible and productive citizens of the world. Surely they are able to generate students’ academic, social, emotional and intellectual development  and instill in them strong sense of honesty, justice, helping nature, confidence and the ability to recognized what is right and stand up for it.

Main priority of any educational institution is to prepare students as an independent learners, who take responsibility for their learning into their own hands, Indus seemingly comes on it so smoothly. Indus focus is to train them as a problem solvers and be acceptable and evolve themselves in a constantly changing environment. Latest and innovative technology, involvement of digital era, well equipped laboratories, fully functional digital computer labs, complete air conditioned bright and wide class rooms with proper and comfortable sitting accessories, e-learning process, well-structured curriculum, extra ordinary activities, play garden, cafeteria, gym, swimming pool,  quests and competitions all become the integral parts of Indus Academy.

“Fit for future”, as slogan with pride and virtue make Indus school more righteous with authenticated way of learning and distributing area of knowledge. Indus Academy professionally committed to provide a broad and balance curriculum for year 3 to 6, that equips children to be positive, productive and effective contributors to society. Their curriculum include as language, literacy and literature with fundamental style upon reading a range of text types for both informational and enjoyment, essentially with author and novel studies. By doing this, students can easily relate themselves in imaginative and informative structure of their own creative world (helping with narrative, persuasive, writing reports, poems, plays scripts) and experienced new journey with text structures and language feature.

The Indus Academy is launching a new A LEVEL PROGRAMME, O-LEVEL, AS LEVEL and grades/classes emerging for talented young people looking for an enhanced academic and vocational experience. Parents are require to make an appointment, if they need to discuss any academic or administrative matters concerning their child. The Indus Academy is a dynamic community sustained by a unique passion for learning.

CLASSES at the Indus Academy

  • PLAYSCHOOL: Indus Academy offering reception, nursery 1, nursery 2, nursery 3 & nursery 4 with recognized methods of learning and motivating schemes.
  • KINDERGARTEN: with prep1 to 4 among with Urdu teacher, kindergarten 1 to 7b with Urdu teacher, grade 1-2(A-E) among with computer teacher, librarian, resource teacher, music instructor, physical instructor and Taekwondo instructor.
  • JUNIOR SCHOOL: advance learning process from class 3 to 6.
  • SENIOR SCHOOL: class 9 to 11 with sections of A-D.
  • COLLEGE SECTION: faculties with mathematics, law, psychology, sociology, biology, chemistry, art, physics, business studies, economics, accounting and literature in English are available with digital advance technological fundamentals and tools of learning.

D-75, Block 2, Clifton
Phone: 0333-0379208

62, Old Clifton
Phone: 021-38884390, 0334-1121160

Plot-St 8, Block 1, Kehkashan, Clifton
Phone: 021-35140688, 0312-8499486

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