Insha Nay Phir Ishq Kia: A Recital of Ibne Insha’s Poetry at T2F

Join The Second Floor for an evening of poetry recital of Ibne Insha’s most commendable writings with Imran Shirvanee, Asiya Alam and Younas Khan on 22nd June!

Ibne Insha remains a unique literary poet of our times with his sweet humour that is the key feature of his prose—in his travelogues as well as in his satire. This happy go lucky style usually hides his deep sense of sorrow that is the underlying tone of his poetry. With books of poetry such as (Iss basti kay ik koochay main, Chaand nagar, and Dil-e Wahshee), travelogues (Aawaragard ki diary, Dunya gol hai, Ibne Batuta kay taaqub main, Chaltay ho to Cheen ko chalye, and Nagree nagree phira musafir), and satire (Khumaar-e gandum and Urdu ki aakhree kitab); he remains a very prolific writer of the time when our country was going through troubled times. And though all the pain of that era is reflected in his work, he never makes his reader suffer from that pain.

Ex Journalist Imran Shirvanee and Theatre Actors Asiya Alam and Younas Khan will be reading his work in an evening of dramatic readings with a belief that his diction gives one a perfect opportunity to showcase acting talents. Insha jee never wrote any play or even a story, but his sense of story telling is vivid in his poetry.

Date: Saturday, 22nd June 2019
Time: 08:00 PM – 09:30 PM
Venue: Faraar Gallery, T2F
Entry: Rs.200/-
Event Link:

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