Invisible Beasts: An Exhibition at T2F

Ramaq Foundation presents the Invisible Beasts Exhibition, which aims to explore ways in which creative expression can support mental wellness.

What is ‘Invisible Beasts’?
In fiction, some beasts are merely manifestations of a certain aspect of human nature greatly magnified to the level of ‘destruction’. They are portrayed as those who let their so-called “worst part” out. For example, mainstream characters like the Hulk. Fictitious beasts gain a great deal of popularity in October, with Halloween approaching. However, some beasts enjoy attention throughout the year. The ones that aren’t fictitious, yet are invisible. The sort that is a stigma, pushing people in to isolation so much so that they have to hide behind metaphors, if not under the covers, because God forbid they write the words or speak of ‘mental illness’.

In understanding our mental health, we create these beasts, these entities, whom we often consider our friends and, at times, our foes. They aren’t necessarily portrayed as the worst part of ourselves, but are more like another presence in our mind and/or our environment that we feel we’re open to analyzing ourselves through, the sort which are unheard, unspoken, and is perhaps a darker exploration of ourselves.

While some of us have found little comfort in standing still, taking deep breaths, and moving forward with our beasts; there are still many struggling to understand the beasts within through awareness and introspection. And although there are many ways to help one understand and cope with these beasts, there has been increasing attention recently towards the connection between creative expression and mental health.

The Invisible Beasts welcomes everyone to express their sentiments towards their beasts in any creative form that they prefer, be it writing, painting, digital artwork, textile, music, videos, theatre and or etc. and ultimately empower them and help them understand that they should accept and be comfortable with their beasts.
The goal is to provide a platform rather than a white wall experience for everyone, where artwork/expressions would not be selected on the merit of skill but rather the motivation behind the expression.

Submission Process:
Submit digital images (JPEG format) of the works you hope to have selected for the exhibition. Along with the JPEGS, do identify titles, media and sizes. Send all submissions with a brief write-up and your bio to by 6th October 2018.

If your form of creative expression is writing, music, dance, theatrical, etc, send them a brief concept note explaining what your piece is about, and how long you anticipate it to be. They will then arrange a meeting to hear you out.

People who wish to participate from outside of Karachi/Pakistan may get in touch with them at: or
+92 324 3291663

Invisible Beasts is going to be a week long exhibition from the 31st of October to the 7th of November at T2F.

About Ramaq Foundation:
Ramaq Foundation is aimed to be a not-for-profit research organization that works on Public Health, specifically in the area of mental health. They aim to conduct events, workshops, seminars and trainings for the masses, to help erase the stigma around Mental Health, as well as develop a network of credible professionals that work under their radar and are monitored for quality provision of services. They also aim to take up cases of the underprivileged patients who cannot afford treatment of these illnesses, provide them with free consultancy, counselling, and if need be, with financial assistance as well.

Event Name: Invisible Beasts: An Exhibition
Date: 31st Oct – 7 Nov, 2018
Venue: The Second Floor, Karachi.
Time: 8 pm
Facebook Event:

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