Islamic Art and Calligraphic Exhibition held at Defence Authority Creek Club

An Islamic Art and Calligraphic Exhibition was held at Defence Authority Creek Club, DHA Phase-VIII to exhibit the masterpiece works of a visionary artist Asif Ghazali.


The Islamic art encompasses visual arts including oil paintings, calligraphy and ceramics, among others. It mainly focuses on the depiction of patterns and Arabic calligraphy. Calligraphic design is omni present in Islamic art, and is visually expressed in a mix of Quranic verses and historical proclamations. Two of the main scripts involved are the symbolic Kufic and Naskh Scripts, which can adorn and enhance the visual appeal of the walls and domes of buildings.

The works of the new artist include oil paintings on canvas and on paper. They also include calligraphic works of Quranic verses in oil painting, flowers and battle field scenes on canvas. The artistic works have a lot of aesthetic attraction and visual charm.

Brig (R) Asif Ghazali, ex Administrator DHA, who possesses tremendous artistic potential said that the idea behind the exhibition was to revive the old Islamic art and calligraphic skills which have a very rich historical heritage. He said that in today’s world of high intensity media hype and computer technology spearheading the modern research and development, the artists are considered to be peace lovers, balancing the materialistic progress and advancement of modern times with their creative works promoting peace, harmony and tolerance in society in an aesthetic manner.

Brig (R) Ghazali said that the earning through the exhibition would be spent on the noble cause to promote arts by helping the needy artist. A large number of people from all walks of life attended the exhibition.

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