ISPR Theatre Play ‘Sir Kalam’ Sponsored by DHA Karachi

DHA Karachi is a forward looking and a leading corporate body of the country which as a policy supports and patronizes organizations engaged in projects promoting values of nationalism, harmony and cohesion in society. DHA sponsored a theater play ‘Sir Kalam‘ organized and produced by ISPR team which was staged at Pakistan Arts Council with the theme line of ‘Hum Sub Ka Pakistan’.

DHA booked the entire auditorium where its officers and employees witnessed the epic stage play with a multidimensional story revolving around Human Security and Nationalism. Administrator DHA Brig Shahid Hassan Ali was the chief guest on the occasion.

In the play ‘Sir Kalam’, an award-winning play writer, at the pinnacle of his career, is sucked into the rating business and employs the short route to commercial success. The writer in the process compromises on ethics, morality, and more than anything nationalism. He continuously ignores the stories of the men who sacrifice their lives for the country along its borders.

The play takes a dramatic turn with the depiction of a soldier injured in combat who is bloodied, beaten, dazed and looks for his missing compatriots who lost their lives in fierce and fearless encounter with the enemy. At this point begins the play’s descent depicting the chaos in average Pakistani’s life. The writer goes into a state of revulsion for ignoring the sacrifices and heroic deeds of soldiers fighting the evil forces of extremism and terrorism endangering the existence of the country.

The writer ultimately gets catharsis by taking the courage of writing the epic story of Capt Kashif and as a consequence himself becomes target of terrorists. The culmination of play highlights the power of the pen to bring reformation, transformation and introspection in society. The theatre play was highly appreciated by DHA staff and was instrumental in invoking a nationalistic spirit of love and heroism for the country.

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