Glamorous Homes with JB Saeed Studio

A house becomes a home when the family moves in and puts in the effort to personalize it according to their tastes and comfort levels. A home is more personal and the comfort zone is suited to fit the needs of all those who live. There are bits and pieces of memorabilia that either line the walls or the refrigerators, reflecting the growth spurts of the babies and the wrinkling of the old.

A family comes together to make a house a home. Each room in a home has a special feature- such as the kitchen will be set up and styled by the housewives, while the lounge with a huge LCD television will have comfy sofas decided by the man of the house. Similarly the architectural hardware is decide together by the couple. So anytime a house is being changed into a home, it requires detailed decision making on the part of the couple and the architect if there is one.

Glamorous Homes with JB Saeed Studio

In the case of no architect, the couple may find themselves at sea when it comes to decorating and selecting hardware. For such perilous times, when a decision can make the difference between an architectural pieces of art or damage the entire look of the house, it is always wise to stick to the known and the best. There are a multitude of home accessory stores across the city, but the most reliable offering products straight off the international market is JB SAEED– which began operating in 1933.

In business for the past multiple years, JB SAEED is a household name, well known and recognized by the masses. JB SAEED symbolizes the true art of home décor and style. Women and men alike will surely find something from the range of hardware or décor to appeal to their aesthetics. It does not matter if a customer prefers contemporary or traditional décor- all of this can be provided at JB SAEED.

Address: 40-C, Main Khayaban-e-Bukhari, Bukhari Commercial Area, Phase-VI, DHA Karachi.
Phone: 021-111-111-527

The journey to begin the décor for a room at home begins from the flooring; JB SAEED is doing just that by providing the best laminated flooring in town. Beyond this is the set up for the bathroom accessories; even though the bathroom accessories are never thought of as important, but the correct décor of subtle or rustic accessories can brighten up the mornings by placing one foot in. Hand towels, liquid soap dispensers, soap stands, candles, bath mats and a huge plethora await the customers who wish to transform their dull boring bathrooms.

The kitchen is the true glory of the home and a happy wife is only when she has a state of the art kitchen with the best accessories- JB SAEED STUDIO delivers just what is needed. More over the kitchenware available is nothing less of a treasure. There is more to see and go wild at when a visit is made. An advice is to visit the store before deciding on any major decors because the style and décor being provided is par excellence and difficult to get hands on while in Karachi.

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