Johnny Rockets – Burgers The 1950’s Way

Johnny Rockets – Burgers The 1950’s WayK-town has recently come under attack with all the burger joints opening; whether local names or international, it leaves the customers mind boggled and salivating to the most divine combination of flavours possible.

It could be a simple beef cheese burger or one topped with luscious thick signature sauces. Many are adding novelty by introducing signature French fries. All in all, to a customer it is burger wars- one that is exceptionally delicious. How so one asks? Well for starters all of these burger joints are fighting neck in neck to secure the loyal customer base; secondly this competition is exceptionally healthy because each joint is putting food of the highest quality with the smartest strategy to entice. This is a fairly difficult task in all, but this is food wars. Presentation and photography play a vital role in the success of a joint along with a solid cyber presence enforced by a huge number of fan following.

A successful start noticed for a new burger joint in Karachi is for ‘Johnny Rockets’. By origin an American franchise whose concept was to create a classic American restaurant atmosphere; a theme of the 1950’s popular ‘Diners’. Recently Johnny Rockets is the talk of the town, since many fans who have had it before are happy to see the burger haven here at home.

Located at the far end of the ground floor in Dolmen Mall Clifton, Johnny Rockets is easily the most wanted place to be in. As soon as one enters the restaurant, staff dressed in traditional American diner uniform and caps greet with warm smiles. A look around and the diner theme is reinforced as the seating comes into view. But nothing beats huge brightly lit juke box standing- for many it might bring nostalgia for days spent at diners while abroad whereas the new generations will be fascinated to try out the music system. Songs like: ‘I like it Ahan Ahan, That’s The Way Ahan Ahan’ set the scene for the 1950’s theme. The seats are similar to those in the diners and that is not all- even the heniz ketchup, straw holders, and salt and pepper shakers are reminiscent to the 1950’s theme.Parents will fall for this place instantly while the young will be intrigued by the set up.

Burgers offered are thick juicy meat patties smothered in onions, beef bacon, tons of original cheddar cheese laid on a bed of crisp ice berg lettuce. Customers can customize burgers for additional charges by adding mushrooms, whole fried eggs or onion rings. The Original Single, Route 66 single burgers are definitely a personal favourite. The food expedition is not complete unless one has had one of its Rocket Melt Sandwiches which are authentically American because they ooze oodles of cheddar cheese. Each meal at Johnny Rockets must be complemented by its rich creamy and divine milk shakes. If any space for desserts is left a brownie sundae will be just the topper to end a meal.

A meal at Johnny Rockets may be a little expensive but it is worth the money. Head out tonight and enjoy the burgers the 1950’s way.

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