Johnny Rockets in Phase 8!

Once upon a time entertainment in Karachi was limited to eating out at restaurants or hanging around over crowded malls where people would shove their elbows and arms in your face and ribs to move ahead of you for no reason. Merciless foot crushing in stampedes in malls was considered perfectly normal because the number of malls was limited and the entertainment starved masses had no place to turn too. Lest we forget the brawling by the testosterone pumped boys to show off their macho muscles and prove to the bystanders especially the girls of how manly they are.

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The young love birds would hold hands and swing them wildly as they walked by, hitting people and knocking over children, but like they say- love is blind. Screaming and bawling children added the final touches to the chaos. What a lovely outing! Exactly what was planned and guess what, the level of temper is directly proportional to the level of noise and chaos- so ladies had to focus on having fun and trying to keep a cool while the men fumed in anger.

All in all- the outings were all that was available back then and like it is said- beggars are not choosers. People of K-town were nothing short of entertainment starved unruly masses. In all of this chaotic fun outing, cinemas were out of the question for one prime reason- the audience for the movies created an ambiance no decent family would ever want to go to.

Johnny Rockets – Burgers The 1950’s Way

Things have taken a turn for the better and are moving in a positive direction since a few years with the opening of the new malls offering better shopping experiences and an atmosphere catered especially for families with security. One such place to go is ‘The Place’ itself.

‘The Place’ is located in Phase 8; the initial business was through the Nueplex Cinemas but with the passage of time it has moved far beyond just entertainment and that too very successfully. The food court at ‘The Place’ is bringing something new which will mean just one thing- Let the good times roll. A catchy phrase is it not?

Let the good times roll; it is reminiscent of the early 1960’s and 1970’s America when the diner culture had picked up the booming business sales. Let us think about the two essential pieces of information just mentioned; diner and let the good times roll. Lights up a bulb? It should because only one famous international food chain fulfills the idea: Johnny Rockets.

Food at Johnny Rockets is honest to goodness American style right from the juke box to the ambiance and the servers. Burgers at Johnny Rockets are loaded with cheese and smothered in chili. Johnny Rockets is now opening up at ‘The Place’ soon- movie goers will be able to enjoy the Chili Bacon fries and burgers right after the adrenaline rush from the movie. Stay tuned because the Good times are rolling soon!

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