Joys of Basant at Defence Authority Creek Club (DACC)

The scorching summer heat has made a grand entrance far earlier than usual this year in Karachi; so far the people in k-town have been welcoming the heat after the winter chills. Primarily the people love the arrival of summers for two very basic reasons: firstly is the ‘Lawn Mania’ and the other is the festivities of Basant.

Joys of Basant at Defence Authority Creek Club (DACC) Karachi

‘Basant’ celebrations are rooted in the Hindu religious celebration. Originally the word is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘VSANTA PANCHAMI’ which is an Indian cultural and religious festival to mark the end of the long hard winters and to welcome the joys of spring. Thus the word VASANTA PANCHAMI with the passage of time became ‘Basant.’

The tradition of celebrating Basant became deeply ingrained amongst the people of the sub-continent; for once it was a tradition which crossed cultural and religious boundaries, finally integrating and becoming a larger part of the culture. Pre-partition, religious tolerance and harmony amongst the people from diverse religious sectors further enhanced the mutual sharing of Basant.

Similarly post-partition, people kept alive the traditions of Basant that have to this day become a major festival one that requires months of pre-planning on the part of entertainment and eatery industry. The festival of Basant has always been the prime indicator of the arrival of spring in the province of Punjab, but now the exact same can be said for Karachi as well.

The Basant celebrations in Karachi are fairly different in comparison to those held in Lahore. For starters in Karachi, kite flying is strictly prohibited in specially arranged large gatherings owing to the great number of fatal accidents caused by the threads used. The first thought that comes to mind is what exactly the festival is about and where can the best festival be enjoyed?

This is not a million dollar jeopardy question, simply put in a word: Creek Club. Defence Authority Creek Club is one of the most prestigious clubs in the vicinity of Phase 8, DHA Karachi; it offers state of the art club facilities with a completely renewed structure. Members are offered the best quality service by the best team lead by the most experienced management. DA Creek Club is well-known throughout the city for its facilities and serene location.

On Sunday, 9th Match 2014, DA Creek Club had organized a ‘Basant Mela’ for the members, so that they may enjoy the festivities in a comfortable environment. The Basant Mela at DA Creek Club was all about colour and joy; since the moment one stepped in, the aroma of the numerous desi and international delights came wafting with the mild evening winds.

The Mela offered entertainment and great food to the members. From the young children right up to the adults, every individual were enticed. The stalls for food were laid out from one end to another; it was in reality a foodie’s paradise, there was Haleem, Biryani, Cheese Cakes, French Fries, Juice stands and Burger stalls to name a few. Besides the stalls for food, there was music and numerous stalls for entertainment.

The highlight of the entire event was the chance to fly kites without the hazard of causing fatal injuries. The sky above became a canvas of wild colours moving about freely adding tons of brightness to the evening hues. Festivals like such are frequently arranged at DA Creek Club which proves to be the highlight events for the members and the guests, all of whom leave happy and satisfied with the services. The Basant Mela at Creek Club is another success added to the list of events which deserve recognition for the supreme efforts.

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