Kill the Summer Wave with Juicylicious!

K-town has always been the unloved child of the winters- firstly winter barely makes an entrance and when it does, it lasts not more than fifteen days. The people of K-town have these fifteen (15) days to enjoy the winter wear, the dry fruits and the seasonal flu.

The arrival and exit of the winter months in Karachi happens at the speed of lightning- it comes and goes in a flash. The people are left wanting more of the chilly morning and steaming cups of coffees- all of which will have to wait for the next year. The month of spring does not stay for long either and exists rather rapidly leaving the way open for the scorching summer wave.

In the hot sweltering sunny hours when even the slightest gust of wind feels like a new breath, a cold glass of water is the only solace. Right now it is not just K-town but the entire nation under the scorching summers – dehydration and weakness amongst the people is the most common cause for exhaustion or fainting spells.

Food is not appealing at all given the hot afternoon without any sign of electricity. To make matters even worse, the scorching summer weather and countless hours of load shedding do little to alleviate the pain of the people. Ideally what the body asks for is cool liquids- not only do they keep the individual hydrated but are also great sources of energy boosters.

A glass of fresh juice can suffice the need of the hour, satisfy the hunger pangs and keep the individual from feeling too lazy and exhausted. It is a mistake to have heavy greasy meals during the summer wave- all that can be done after such a meal is plop down and fan oneself to kill the time because work is just not possible.

Juicylicious Stadium Commercial Area Khaada Market DHA KarachiFor this very reason, people are advised to stock up on juices, smoothies and natural drinks rather than on fizzy colas or artificial juice packs because the latter contain sack full of sugar and artificial sweeteners. The fine line between choosing a fresh or healthy juice rather than an artificially sweetened drink is the right choice.

Though the prospect of finding an outlet that is just offering these fresh juices, smoothies, slushes or mojitos is rare- the final attempt is to head into a restaurant or a glitzy café to enjoy the drink. Catering to this very niche is Juicylicious which was originally located at Port Grand but has now opened up at Stadium Lane 4, Khaada Market, DHA Karachi.

Address: Stadium Lane 4, Stadium Commercial Area (Khaada Market), Phase-V, DHA Karachi.
Phone: 021-35248748

The customers are jumping with joy because the healthiest juice outlet is now open near home. The menu at Juicylicious is nothing short of eye candy; customers can opt for fresh juices, smoothies, slushes, juicy pops, mojito, shakes, lemonades or tropical delights. The choices for the healthy and nourishing beverages are unlimited. Customer can choose the seasonal or imported fruits to make a beverage out off.

Best on the list is the Blue Lagoon Slushes, Chai Frappes, Sugar cane juice or a wild berry smoothie. This summer go wild at Juicylicious without the guilt of weight gain or calorie counters.

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