“Just Shawarma”- Just Got To Have It!

Just Shawarma - Agha's Super Market, Clifton, Karachi

A choice of the most succulent meat smothered in a light sauce with pickles, gently wrapped in pita bread is bound to get your mouth watering and your mind wondering as to where this heavenly delight can be found. Fret not, for it is located in the parking lot of the symbolic Agha’s Supermarket at Schon Circle. This little red cubicle which goes by the name of “Just Shawarma” is serving the most authentic versions of the very famous Arabic delights which have now become a local favourite.

Just Shawarma has gained popularity instantaneously with its signature shawarma available in chicken, beef and yes the very new choice ‘lamb’. The lamb Shawarma is highly recommended to all those who do not shy from experimenting, for it is different yet the best of the meat choices offered. For all the foodies out there who wish to explore the flavours, a must try would be the Arabic specialty- Mandi which is succulent meat with scented rice while the hearty meat lovers can opt for Farooj which is basically grilled chicken the Arabic way. To this successful venture’s credit is its strategic position: for people can grab a bite on the way out from the supermarket or during lunch hours at work.

Just Shawarma - Agha's Super Market, Clifton, Karachi

Similarly the delights are reasonably priced for the portions being served. A meal at ‘Just Shawarma’ does not put a dent in the budget though rest assured once will never be enough. Currently the menu is limited to certain delights only, however their page on Facebook promises its fan in K-town the very delicious Falafels soon. Customers can enjoy the food comfortably in their vehicles or get a take away. The food is packed and placed in take away bags so it can be easily transported and stays warm. All those who feel like staying back at home and having some of this comfort food can have it home delivered to their convenience. Unlike normal food stands around K-town, the food preparation, handling and service at ‘Just Shawarma’ as seen in front is hygienic, so we can enjoy these delicacies at ease. Customers new to the Arabic cuisine should not fret, for the staff present provides an insight to the various flavours in each dish thus as a novice you may begin with mild choices such as chicken.

A word to the wise, the food is not smothered in mouth burning fiery local spices; instead it is an intricate balance of subtle yet bold flavours which brings forth flavours of the natural ingredients themselves. This vibrant red food station- Just Shawarma has created shock waves since its launch last year and has successfully created a loyal fan following who tend to come for more of its delights over and over again. Despite its very small operations facility, the quality of food and service has been consistent throughout the visits. For such a small venture, ‘Just Shawarma’ has been successful in maintaining its clientele and pulling in more as the word spreads. With ‘Just Shawarma’- ‘You Just Got To Have It.’

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