Karachi Broast

Chicken is an all-time favourite choice of meat for everyone; it can be grilled till tender or fried till a deep golden colour. Limitless dishes from various cuisines can be created from chicken. Add chicken to noodles and you have Chinese- loved by young and adults alike. Red spicy tandoori chicken grilled to perfection is a novelty for people abroad, while a weekend dinner for families in Karachi.

Karachi Broast

Meals at home are usually based around chicken since it is loved and enjoyed by nearly every member of the family. When eating out, many prefer chicken over any other meat choice, the simple reason being it is the safest and cheapest. Only the worse cooks can go wrong with cooking chicken. It is the preferred protein for novice cooks as well. People in Karachi have an all-time love for dishes with chicken as its core ingredient when they dine out.

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Mostly dining out means barbecue for the people here. It is a taste developed since childhood and the flavours work well for the local palate. But sometimes a change is needed from the oil dripping chicken curries and smoky barbecues. No one wants a dull and boring dining, especially if it has something to do with chicken. Really chicken is revered and cooked with as much as care as a delicacy like fish.

Karachi BroastNow what if, this loved protein- Chicken- is fried in steaming pressure till its skin becomes crispy and golden while the chicken remains moist on the inside. It sounds like the perfect royal recipe to make chicken. But all good things come with a catch usually; this technique of cooking cannot be applied at home. The crest fallen looks and upside down smiles are depressing. This honest to goodness chicken can be enjoyed at Karachi Broast.

Address: SB-10, Sea Breeze Centre, Block-5, Clifton , Boat Basin, Karachi.
Phone: 021-35865215-6
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/karachibroast

Temptation for crispy tender chicken will be sufficed at Karachi Broast with its greatest specialty: chicken broast. People need not throw money at expensive international fast food chains; instead they should head straight to Karachi Broast to savour the crispy chicken. The broast is cooked to perfection till it becomes light and crispy while remaining moist and succulent on the inside; served with a soft bun and heaps of French fries- this meal is heaven.

Orders may be placed in quantities of a quarter of a chicken. Each broast is served with a secret white sauce which adds another ton of flavour. The same crispy chicken is placed in between buns to make a yummy crispy chicken burger. Another highlight of visiting Karachi Broast is the dining area; neat and tidy, lined with decent seating arrangements, it is the perfect place for families to sit down and enjoy a meal. In case of a large group of people visiting, the staff around will be more than welcome to make comfortable arrangements.

A hearty meal of deep fried tender chicken at Karachi Broast is the perfect end to a weekend with the family.

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