Karachi Coffee Tour Happening Today!

Part of the International Coffee Day 2018, in collaboration with Esquires Coffee, FLOC, Coco 9 Cafe, Coffee Wagera and City FM89, they present to you the first coffee tour of its kind in Karachi which is happening today 7th October, 2018.

The Tour Plan:

  • They will start at Coffee Wagera and stop at Coco9, Esquires, FLOC and at least one more interesting/historic place.
  • At each stop, there will either be a special beverage/food or a deal/discount plus a small activity.
  • Buying anything from any of the stops is optional, though highly recommended and is the whole point of the tour!
  • The tour/transportation is free, but registration with full commitment is must.
  • To register, simply mark yourself going and comment with ‘Yes, i am 100% committed!’ by Tue 2nd Oct midnight.
  • They will arrange cars/van/bus according to the number of commitments, so any cancellations will cost them and won’t be appreciated.

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