Karachi’s Invisible Communities: Voices from Machar Colony by T2F

The Second Floor in collaboration with Imkaan Welfare Organization is hosting a panel discussion on the stateless communities of Karachi. This will focus on hearing the unheard voices of the stateless community in Machar Colony as they recount the hardships that they face and their stories of survival.

By definition, stateless individuals are those “not recognised as a national by any state under the operation of its law” (UNHCR official definition). Simply put, this means that a stateless person is someone who does not have nationality of any country. There are approximately 10 million stateless persons internationally, out of which approximately 3 million are in Pakistan. Of those 3 million, the majority live in one of the 126 stateless communities in Karachi.

Machar Colony is one of the largest katchi abadis in Karachi where 68% of the population is made up of stateless persons of Bengali and Burmese ethnicity. Being underprivileged and further marginalized due to statelessness, this community faces major challenges in its daily existence.

About the Speakers:
The diverse and growing community of Machar colony is represented by those working toward making their voices heard through advocacy on various platforms. Our speakers represent the women, men, and the youth of the community who are working towards creating awareness about statelessness and the realities of living in a marginalized community.

About the Moderator:
Tahera Hasan
, Founder & Director of Imkaan Welfare Organization is a lawyer by profession and has been creating opportunities in health, education, sanitation and legal services to support the underprivileged community of Machar Colony.

Date: Friday, 24th July 2020
Time: 8 PM
Location: Facebook Live
Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/202825661169065/

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