KFC – Empowering the Impaired at Khayaban-e-Rahat Outlet

Mouth watering piping hot crispy chicken with a layer of cheese, sandwiched between soft sesame topped buns is nothing short of heaven. Simply deep fried chicken till golden and crispy served with a generous helping of french fries is a whole and hearty meal. The idea alone is enough to make one salivate. Represented by the iconic Colonel Sanders and Chicky as its mascot- this is KFC, an acronym derived from its name which is Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Consider working in a KFC restaurant serving these goodies and having to manage the customer turnover one would have to face as an employee. In fact, work in such a place will not just be about the customers instead it will incorporate rapid and meaningful communication amongst the staff members for managing the in house production, service and out house procurement. If summarised it is surely one demanding job to keep up rapid communications in order to provide the finest quality food and exceptional service that which is required of an international fast food chain.

KFC - Empowering the Impaired at Khayaban-e-Rahat Outlet

Surprisingly KFC located at Khayaban-e-Rahat banishes all such notions about rapid communication being the key factor in ensuring the finest quality of food and service; the reason being it is operated by deaf and hearing impaired employees. This outlet is one of the seven KFC restaurants in Pakistan which employs deaf and hearing impaired individuals. From the moment one enters, there is a warm welcoming smile upon each staff members face, nothing around will immediately suggest at any differences. It is not until one reaches the counter to place the order, does one come to realize that the employees all around are impaired of the senses of hearing and speech.

Address: Plot # 3-C, Khayaban-e-Rahat, Phase VI, DHA Karachi.
For Delivery: 111-KFC-KFC (111-532-532)

Astoundingly the employees clearly understand the customer’s order and relate it back, to confirm in case of any ambiguity. They are assisted by a manager to avoid any sort of inconvenience for the employees or the customers. Members of the staff communicate orders and preferences for beverages in sign language and wait professionally in order to line up trays or fill in the take away bags with the right meals.

Each meal is supervised by the manager before being handed over. Many a times customers are filled with joy upon seeing these brilliant young people work seamlessly together as team, not hinting even in the slightest at any sort of impairment. With each service whether dine in or take away, the staff is all smiles. It is a pleasure to see these bright young people communicating effectively amongst one another and providing service at par with any other outlet.

KFC - Empowering the Impaired at Khayaban-e-Rahat Outlet

An initiative such as this is reflective of a society ready to embrace change; all that is required is patience on our part to simply understand and give time to these individuals so that they may contribute to their families and later on to the society at large. KFC has put forward a set up which is still at grass root level but is reflecting strong positive signs. While visiting the outlet at Rahat one must understand that patience is the key to instilling confidence and a smile to keep them motivated.

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