‘Khaadi Home’ – Bringing Colour, Tradition, Design & Aesthetics To Your Homes

Beautifying a house is considered as making it a home- personalized living space with memorabilia or interests spread around, something that which is sure to calm the senses upon entering and take away the worries and woes. Often when a family decides to shift into a new home they look for things to accessorize it with; some opt for the contemporary while some prefer the traditional décor. Eventually it is a classic win of the choices of the housewives over that of the rest which is often the best decision; for they look into the aesthetics and like of the entire family.

'Khaadi Home' Dolmen Mall Clifton Karachi - Bringing Colour, Tradition, Design & Aesthetics To Your Homes

Furthermore it is not necessary for families shifting into new homes to look for items, contrary to this idea is that families tend to keep changing some aspect of the house by adding new items for décor or for comfort- this works to bring a new spirit to the home. Adding colour tends to make a vast difference, it brightens up the place, makes it more homely and welcoming for family and guests alike. Housewives spend most of the time at home- their efforts into making the home comfortable are evident, this involves furniture placing, colour contrasting every tiny bit. Eventually it becomes Home.

Khaadi Home located at Dolmen Mall Clifton is a must visit. Bringing colour, tradition, design and aesthetics to your homes is none other than the loved local and now internationally famous brand; Khaadi.

A new line of home range products is introduced; it pertains to vibrant coloured bed spreads, bed cushions, floor cushions or table runners. Besides this there are sofa’s and ottoman seats as well. The designs are bold and composed of bright hues, instantly attracting passer-bys. A brightly lit shop flashing audacious colours is just what a home needs.

The bed spreads and quilt covers can brighten up any room, be it for the young ones or the adults. The floor cushions range to around Rs 5000 but with designs and prints like never before. It is time for housewives to forget the thick old itchy gold embroidery and embark on an aesthetic journey with Khaadi Home.

With the name Khaadi has become, customers are ensured quality with the price that is being paid. Any product from its home range is sure to not just add colour, instead it will revive the place as a whole. The shopping experience at Khaadi Home is blissful for housewives and young girls as well, as they explore through design after design of the most extravagantly yet aesthetically beautiful bead linen. Once will never be enough, customers will be drawn to its home range again and again as they see their homes come alive before their own eyes. Sofa’s and ottoman seats are the perfect combination of comfort and beauty for lounges and bedrooms.

Henceforth decorating homes will be done this way since housewives will love the praise and compliments bestowed by family and friends alike. In case one is shifting or just thinking of a makeover- a visit to Khaadi Home is essential.

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