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Khas Meat

khas-meat-sunset-lane-1-phase-2-dha-karachi (11)Khas Meat has started its business in different areas of Karachi. One can simply not avoid eating meat because of its benefits to a human body. Meat is a protein provider which helps in the repair and building of body tissues and it is rich in zinc, iron and selenium which are all very important to take in for our bodies. Meat also contains vitamin A, B and D  which makes our vision powerful and also helps in making our bones and teeth stronger.

Khas meat fulfills all kind of meat requirements by providing with fresh and pure quality meat like mutton, beef and chicken in reasonable price. People can now get rid of the shops from where they used to buy unhealthy meat items. It gives the customer a bit of relaxation and comfort with its healthy and hygienic meat products.

Khas meat has earned its name in a shorter period of time through its services & products and soon it will become a greatest competitor  against Meat One.  It has now become convenient for the people to reach to the pure meat provider shop. They take care of their customers and do their best in keeping them satisfy, So that they will remain their customer for a longer period of time. They have their branches in:

khas-meat-sunset-lane-1-phase-2-dha-karachi (6)

Address:  Shop#3, Ground Floor, Plot#10- C, Sunset Lane 1, Phase-II, DHA Karachi.
Timings: 9:00am to 5:00pm
Contact:  111-154-227

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  1. Atir Zaheer says:


    Very informative website about DHA Karachi, would like to give my suggestions with regards to phase VII ext commercial.

    We observe that commercials in DHA are populated / developed in very haphazard manner e.g. hardware, meat shops, vegetables, clothing brands, general stores, banks all have occupied the commercials shops / buildings without proper planning. Moreover except Zamzama there is no proper shopping area / commercial in DHA where one can go for shopping and get major brands. Everybody have to go to Malls for shopping.

    Phase VII ext commercial is now in developing phase and most of the commercial buildings are vacant; Would like to suggest to develop it in a planned manner as DHA Lahore’s Y block and Z block commercial areas where one can get every local and multinational brands, cafes, etc. It is much needed in DHA Karachi to have good commercial / shopping area as Zamzama is overly populated with narrow roads and serious parking space issues.

    The big sewerage drain / Nala running between Phase VII and VII ext can be covered to provide ample parking space for the shopping area / commercials.

    Please convey my suggestion to concerned dept. of DHA Karachi as it will be very beneficial for all DHA residents and for DHA itself too.

    Best Regards
    Atir Zaheer

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