KidzDunya – Nurturing Leaders Of Tomorrow!

KidzDunya - Nurturing Leaders Of Tomorrow!Young children need constant nurturing when growing up; this is for their emotional and physical well-being. When a child’s mind is honed at an early stage, they tend to pick up learning habits far quicker than kids who are not yet exposed to such techniques. This sharpens the child’s mind, allowing them to exercise the process of thinking and reasoning at a far earlier stage.

The difference between right and wrong taught at this tender age tends to leave marks upon the child as they grow up and become mature adults; thus when they exercise decision making later on in life, the lesson learnt earlier come into play.

Besides shaping the kids, it also plays an important part in boosting their confidence. A confident child will be eager to take on challenges while at the same time be of sound judgment if the correctly nurtured. The difference between a well nurtured child and a child who is neglected is just like that of the earth and the sky. However it should not be inferred that a child devoid of nurturing cannot make it big, many famous individuals have proved this concept wrong.

Children here in Pakistan are starved of any decent recreation activity which would not just be entertainment but also be morally strong at the end. Entertainment and morality can go hand in hand together with recreation. Propping up children in front of the television and playing cartoons or animated movies for that matter may pacify them for that duration, but it does no good. Neither is a lesson learnt nor is the child being nurtured; to say the least english is understood fairly rapidly.

The idea to nurture young kids has recently been put into action at KidzDunya. Located on the second floor at Dolmen Mall Clifton; it is the hub of recreation for kids while honing their young minds simultaneously.

KidzDunya - Dolmen Mall Clifton Karachi

KidzDunya is a recreational facility- resembling a small town with amenities like a hospital, fire station, police station, an ice-cream factory, an art studio or a stadium. This haven will your kids enticed, never wanting to leave. The journey in KidzDunya begins with paying the entrance fee separately charged for adults and the children. Once inside- let the good times roll. Children are given a cheque of 500 KidzDunya Rupees which can be en-cashed at a customized bank outlet.

Address: 2nd Floor (Food Court Level), Dolmen Mall Clifton, Karachi, Pakistan.
Phone: 021-35294081-83

Children can role play as police men, doctors, fire fighters or any other profession; the reward is a 100 KDR which can be spent on any other activity. The ice-cream parlour and the pizza factory are just irresistible for the young and old alike, the tiny set up is enchanting and extremely interactive. In addition to these, there are a lot many more activities and shopping sprees to go on with your children while in KidzDunya.The current entry fee pricing is such that children from privileged families can avail this experience.

To conclude, KidzDunya is one of a kind and the first ever recreational cum entertainment junction in Karachi. A visit is must to experience the leap ahead in nurturing these young leaders.

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