Kite Flying Festival 2018 held at Defence Authority Country and Golf Club

DHA is a dynamic and forward looking organization that provides best recreational, entertainment and enjoyment facilities to its residents and community at large. Such initiatives not only enriches the living environment but also goes a long way in promoting healthy and positive trends in society. Ocean View Lawn of Defence Authority Country and Golf Club became an exciting venue where families and friends got together to celebrate the Kite Festival 2018 amid much fanfare.

The lively event was in celebration of Spring in Karachi which vanishes quickly as it comes knocking. The pleasant environment with gentle breezes blowing across the venue made the environment exhilarating. The unique feature of the Kite Festival was that it was organized in a manner as to make the celebration safer and enjoyable for people in its real essence. The Club management provided kite strings that were safe to handle and would not result in injuries. A fancy dress competition, as well as singing and cooking competitions added to the glamour of the event.

There were a variety of food stalls as well as different exciting activities for children which added to their joy. There were several stalls solely dedicated for women to shop around at. From ajrak suits, home-made jewellery as well as mehndi stalls, there were enough variety to keep the families busy and engaged. The event was immortalized in the minds of those children in particular who were taught the tricks of flying kites by their fathers.

Administrator DHA Brig Shahid Hassan Ali appreciated the meticulous arrangements made by the organizers that made the event truly memorable and an astounding success. The Kite festival was a lively activity full of fun and frolic which provided an opportunity to the families to step away from their usual routines and to spend some joyous time together promoting positivity, healthy trends and social affinity within the community.

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