Know more about Team DSU Bur’raq

TeamDSUBur’raq is a formula student team of DHA Suffa University, Karachi, Pakistan. Its operation is to compete in the International Formula Student events. TeamDSUBur’raq debuted at FSAE Australasia in 2016. It became not only the first team to participate in FSAE-A but also the only one in Pakistan, which cleared all 4 static events in its first attempt.

TeamDSUBur’raq will be targeting the FS UK competition in July of 2019. It is a matter of immense pride for the nation to have its young engineers raise the flag of Pakistan on an international platform and represent the talents of youth in the fabrication and design of an automotive masterpiece.

The team members are tirelessly working day and night, and recently completed the production of chassis of their car. They are now proceeding towards the manufacturing of the car’s body. Meanwhile, the marketing department is continuously executing its marketing strategies in order to attain a number of lucrative marketing goals. The team has different departments that deals with designing chassis and suspension, powertrain, aerodynamic body along with the nontechnical ones that include inventory, media, and marketing.

TeamDSUBur’raq is assigned the car number 47 this year, indicating Pakistan’s independence, this number is a fortunate one which holds deep-rooted historical background for the nation. Here’s to hoping that our youth continue onward with the same charm and conquer all obstacles to achieve victory for the country!

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