Koffie Chalet – House of Flavours!

Quite literally every time an outing is planned; groups and families usually end at the known food courts in the various malls scattered around town. Not that the food is bad or is not worth the money; it is all of that, but not the change one looks for when deciding to eat out with friends or family. Though there may be no special occasion, but a plan to eat out has to be worth the fun and money.

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Koffie Chalet - Zamzama Commercial Area DHA KarachiSo head where to and when is the question, and if the food is not nice then God help the one who suggested the place in the first place. The fear of not getting the worth of the money and a spoiled outing is one reason why people do not venture out to try new eateries. Instead they stick to the known restaurants and endure the same monotony over and over again. Soon, the flavour of the food becomes dull and the point of eating out loses its charm.

Eating out never became so boring as compared to how it is now- when nearly all the restaurants serve the same kind of food. With this exact thought in mind many would shy away from trying the new eatery on the block – Koffie Chalet.

Address: 10-C, 9th Zamzama Commercial Lane, Phase-V, DHA Karachi
Email: info@koffiechalet.com
Website: http://www.koffiechalet.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/koffiechalet

The food at Koffie Chalet is absolutely divine in terms of flavour and quality. The eatery serves the best steaks and appetizers in town so far- the chicken cheese goujons are deep fried to a golden crunchy texture on the outside when the inside retains the moistness of the chicken and the ooh so oozy flavour of the melted cheese. One bite into this heavenly dish is enough to set the senses on a whirlwind of flavours and textures.

Very few eateries focus on the textures incorporated in the dish and Koffie Chalet is definitely one of them. The various textures make the meal all the more delicious and tantalizing. Furthermore are the butterfly prawns which are flattened to look like butterflies and deep fried till a rich golden served with tartar sauce; anyone who is looking for some delicious seafood is bound to love this dish.

At Koffie Chalet, there is going to be a dish to please the taste buds of every individual who ever visits. The bright side of the entire experience is that the flavours are not altered to the local desi masalas instead the originality remains.

As far as the main courses are concerned Pollo chilli hits the mark for the chicken lovers. Pollo chilli comprises of grilled chicken with an infused chilli yogurt served with garlic rice, little bursts of chillies and the cooling yogurt are a bombastic combination which works extremely well with the garlic rice. The steaks and burgers hit a home run as well. For a new eatery it hits a home run right from the appetizers till the desserts.

The next time venture out and give Koffie Chalet a try!

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  1. Sibtain says:

    Had the food just when it opened up. Absolutely amazing food with great ambiance. The place is definitely value for money. Must try.

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