Kooky Love – Adorable Embroidered Cushions & Towels in Town!

Giving and receiving presents is one of the happiest moments in the life of any person. With presents it is not the size or type or present that matters rather the thought and effort placed to make it happen. The presents become far more valuable than their monetary worth to the people.

Only after days and nights of thinking can a person decide what to buy for that special someone; it is not necessary to have a romantic relationship with this someone special, it could be the parents, siblings, teachers, friends or even aunts and uncles. The joy and smile which spreads with a present is unimaginable- there is the excitement of what the box holds and the immense surprise which it yields when revealed. And even better is when the act of giving the present is also a surprise, then the moments witnessed are worth recording and revisiting over a lifetime because of the priceless expression and raw emotions.

Even though it is always said and told that the present is known by the thoughts and effort, quite a few people will still judge the worth by the amount of money spent which is rather shallow. Another quality of the present is that it might also be a source of comforts such as when looked back at, it will bring floods of memories or link that one special moment to the current life.

Kooky Karachi - Adorable Embroidered Cushions & Towels in Town!

The toughest part of giving presents is being able to find the right kind of present in the budget. Given the tight pocket, it is necessary to buy something which holds sentimental value and worth as well. Mugs, chocolates, bears, flowers and dresses have become old school and unfortunately these are the only type of presents which often fall in the budget. The rest are usually out of range and need months of saving up before they can be bought for the person in mind.

Solving this very problem is KOOKY. Now the funny name and pronunciation may give the feeling of something extraordinarily childish, but is a lot more than what is perceived. KOOKY is a stall located on the first floor of Dolmen City Mall Clifton- the present- Cushions. Not just ordinary pillow cushions for the bed, instead special funky cushions customized with cute messages and figures.

KOOKY cushions can be bought for that someone special or anyone! The cushions have extremely cute messages inscribed on them such as: Book nut- a peanut holding a stack of books for the nerdy friends- or another message which says “I want you to be my favorite hello and the hardest good bye”.

The quotes on the KOOKY cushions are meaningful and cute, while the price makes it affordable to give as a present without being broke. This year give KOOKY a visit and find the right cushion for yourself or your friend or your better half- they make great presents and also add color to the room. With all the jazzy looks and cutesy quotes, KOOKY cushions are extremely comfortable to rest on as well. KOOKY is love and comfort together.

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  1. Ainie rehan says:

    I want two cushions with a pic of my choice on it how much it will cost?

  2. Floyd says:


    Do you still make the customized towels…Do you have a website?

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