Krude Store

Krude coming to Clifton is good news because it is stylish, chic and cheap. It is a contemporary clothing store originally designed for men’s clothing but also samples women’s western clothing. Its products are actually denim oriented but they have added their signature flavor here and there to make it look more interesting. So basically it is (K) Crude but soft.

The store was inaugurated in the Ocean Mall sometime back and since then it is a big hit. The place itself is expertly utilized and does not feel cramped or over-filled.

The clothes themselves are of good quality. Casuals and semi-formals seem to be their niche’ and you can also get some formals here. If you are the one who does not care too much about special cuts and too much formal clothing at a high price, this is the place for you. Apart from the conventional man-colours, they sample bright colours like yellow and red. Sweaters and jackets are also available there. They also have a men’s night suit category and all clothes are not only comfortable but durable.

Women can find work-friendly western and semi Eastern outfits here. Most of the western clothing is of demurred colours and although the kurta collection can be called flashy up to some extent, it will not stand way out in a work place. They have also got some choices of sombre trousers which are comfortable to wear and move. You can also check out their collection of sweaters and hoodies as the weather is changing.

As the Krude-s always remain focused on Just the Product, the result is an all-day, every day wardrobe which is fashionable, durable, comfortable with terrific value; to quote in their own words.

Address: Ocean Mall Shop Number G 13,37 Ground Floor Clifton
Contact number: +92 3451236547

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