Lals Chocolates

Selecting presents is by far the worst nightmare for most of the people around, a lot of thoughts and ideas go in before heading out to exercise the decision. In case of the presents being for kids and young children, it is a fairly easy task- go out and conquer- cartoon based toys, reading books or clothes will have them squealing with joy.

Very soon, children will be immersed in a plethora of brightly coloured gift wrappings torn to unravel the goodies. The sight of happy children with smiles as bright as the sun is the truest form of happiness. However in case of adults, gift giving is nothing short of a nightmare, reason: differences in taste. Until and unless one knows the person in question very well, knowing every little bit of like and dislike- shopping for presents is torture.

Mostly people decide upon a beautiful bunch of flowers to give as present. No doubt it is always the thought that counts but it has the tenacity to becoming highly monotonous. Shopping for presents is costly as well; a branded dress or accessory can dent budgets especially if the customer in question is a student.

It must be remembered that not every person can afford buying expensive presents for their loved ones. The end is usually a bunch of flowers accompanied with a card. The person for whom the gift is intended will delighted but the one who is giving might have a crest fallen look. What would it take to jazz up a bunch of flowers- Chocolates.

Lals Chocolates - DHA KarachiChocolates complement any occasion anytime. Be it close friends, acquaintances or colleagues; they make the best present. Chocolates are aphrodisiac in term of the feelings they invoke and if beautifully presented; they will rule over all other presents given anytime of the year. Serving chocolates in style with a touch of elegance is Lals Chocolates. Currently Lals has two locations in Karachi; one is its original shop located in Zamzama while a Lals Patisserie is located on main Khayaban-e-Shahbaz.

Address: 3rd Zamzama Lane, Phase-V, DHA Karachi.
Phone: 021-35878883

A fair statement would be that Lals is the pioneer in introducing chocolates of the finest quality, crafted to perfection. When at Lals let the senses take in the thick aromatic smell of cocoa lingering about in the air, each step weighs starts weighing a ton as the mind and senses are befuddled by the alluring neat stacks of wrapped chocolates. Dull gold, sparkly black, pristine white and bright red mounds of chocolates are lined up in cases.

That is not all, macaroons of vibrant colours make the mouth water and eyes swivel from side to side. Lals reminds one of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. Adults will become children, as they go about selecting gourmet chocolate to give away as presents. Customer can pick beautiful boxes from Lals and customize the chocolate selection or opt for the pre-packed gorgeous selection, ready to be taken away. And while one is at Lals, it will be worthwhile to suffice any chocolate craving by ordering a customized chocolate bar, made on spot!

Gift giving at Lals is for the loved one and pure chocolate indulgence for oneself as well.

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