Landscaping – An Art!

Beautifully tended gardens are a treat for the eyes. The lush green sprawling lawns are eye catching and mesmerizing on the first look. Be it the home owners or visitors- anyone and everyone will love a well-designed garden. Home owners will incorporate a garden irrespective of the size- it could be a narrow stretch or an expansive lawn.

Landscaping - DHA Karachi

Numerous Do-It-Yourself (DIY) home stores have yearly catalogues published that contain ideas and tips on how to tend to their garden and the best way to set up. When living abroad creating landscapes on one’s own is fairly easy, a guide book from DIY stores along with the necessary material and voila!

In Pakistan landscape designing has not yet taken off as a service which means that people will create garden in their homes based on the liking of the look of the plants. Self-created gardens often wither, ending up as a failed project. Two major reasons contribute to this failure: firstly the plants are chosen on the basis of looks rather than their temperament in relation to the local weather and secondly the garden needs to be carefully planned which it is not done.

Landscaping - DHA Karachi

For a fairly small sized garden, landscaping is not recommended, however for a medium to an expansive sized lawn; landscaping is the way to go. But the question remains: landscaping but how and from where? Either the home owners can pick up a magazine and begin the search for plants and décor or they can merely head out to a landscape designer.

The idea of creating a landscape design one’s own is a dream come true, but one that requires extensive expertise and research. It may or may not work. Contrary to this idea is hiring professional help for creating landscapes at home. Shalamar Nursery at Main Korangi Road, Phase II is offering the services of landscape designing to home owners.

Address: Main Korangi Road, Phase-II, DHA Karachi.
Phone: 0300-8223862 (Yousuf Ibrahim)

Home owners will be pleased with the results after the entire landscape designing is complete. At Shalamar Nursery, initially they will survey the area for landscape designing and then provide the home owners with a design. The designs offered can be altered by the home owners to suit their preferences.

Landscaping - DHA Karachi

The kind of plants, garden accessories and numerous other aspects of the garden are defined in extreme details in the design before making the purchases of the plant. Availing the services ensures home owners a garden of their dream, which will turn out exactly how they imagined it. Other than looks, the plants most suitable and likely to thrive in this environment will be selected, thus bringing the cost of failure and risk further down.

Home owners will be able to enjoy a resort like landscape right at home without any hassle; all that has to be done is to consult Shalamar Nursery.

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  1. GreenLife says:

    Shalamar Nursery is a nice nursery but lack the technology required for advance landscaping. Garden landscaping is an art and part of overall architecture. There are many architectural firms providing 3d visualization and more which are required when creating an award winning landscape.

  2. KomalParvez says:

    Brick and Mortar nurseries are a thing of the past now Mr. Qandeel Janjua. The city of Karachi needs garden and landscape companies like us so we can plan and execute accordingly. Architectural firms like Landscape Architecture Studio can provide 3D walkthroughs and visualizations. Our contribution to the environment is something that sets us apart from our competitors. We have also won many awards for our work.

  3. I want to work with such nursery to learn gardening for Saturday and Sunday says:

    I want to work with such nursery for free to learn gardening for Saturday and Sunday

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