Lieutenant General Naveed Mukhtar Appointed as Corp Commander Karachi

Lieutenant General Naveed Mukhtar Appointed as Corp Commander Karachi

High-level appointments and transfers has been initiated in Pakistani military department as Lieutenant General Naveed Mukhtar, HI(M), succeeded Lieutenant General Sajjad Ghani on the post of Corps Commander Karachi.

Corp Commander Karachi also holds the position of President of Pakistan Defence Officers Housing Authority, Karachi.

Lieutenant General Naveed Mukhtar was commissioned in the Armoured Corps regiment in 1983. He is a graduate of the Command and Staff College Quetta, National Defense University Islamabad and War Course USA. He has commanded a Mechanised Division and presently he was serving in Dte Gen of ISI.

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  1. Syed Ali Jawad says:

    November 12, 2014
    FIR NO:- 360/2013 U/S 302/34
    Police State :- Khaja Ajmair Nagri

    The Core Commander Karachi,
    Pak Army

    Subject: Request for start Investigation this murder case and save our family Members by religious extremist

    Dear Sir,

    This is bring into your kind knowledge that my Brother Shaheed Syed Hasan Jawad (Shia) and Driver Shaheed Muzeebur Rehman(Sunni) on 30/09/2013 at about 12 p.m. was short dead by the un-known terrorist near his own building known as Sunny Plaza L-632, Sector 5C/1, North Karachi at Pakistan, in presence of hundreds of people including Global School Children’s shop keeper, Customers and bazaar of Sector 5C/1, North Karachi. One years have passed but not started any investigation still today and our family members are travelling under thread by religious extremist.

    It is therefore most respectfully prayed that Honorable Core Commander may graciously be pleased to save our family members and instruct to take action in the above matter and kindly do everything for expeditiousness of the case investigation through your own intelligence branch.

    Syed Ali Jawad A-121, Sector-11-A,
    North Karachi
    Cell 03213747229

  2. Soha says:

    Respected sir,
    I’m very glad to see Karachi at a better position now and I really appreciate your efforts, I hope you’ll work even more for the safety and betterment of not only Karachites but all Pakistani’s.
    Looking forward to see Karachi, a peaceful city in the upcoming time..
    A concerned citizen/student

  3. shakir ali says:

    Subject, request for vacating illegal possession of occupant land

    Respected sir,
    with lots of respect, request is that, we have ancestral agriculture land near abbas bhai town district tandoallahyar, which covers the area of nine acres(servey no. 297-298), our job is associated to this land.
    Mr juman rind, Mr Aslam rind ,lala chota with armed people occupied our land at night, we tried to talk to them but they started to threat us and fired bullets and lapidate as a result one member of our family got seriously injured. sir, they had started illegal construction there. we requested to police again and again but they did’t take any action.
    sir, kindly take notice of this illegality and recover the possession of our land from these occupative people. we are decent person and will be thankful to you always.
    yours thankful
    M.Mukarram Ali

  4. Hakeem Habib says:

    Asalamoalikum Sir, Happy to see you as Core Commander Karachi and i feel many positive things in Karachi. thanks alot sir for good command. so nice of you.

  5. Siara Siraj says:

    The Core Commander Karachi,
    Pak Army

    Subject: Request to remove mis managemnt and delaying practice of Chief Secretary Sindh offfice.

    Dear Sir,

    My husband is near to retire. After 25 years of service my husband case was placed in Promotion Bord held by the Ex Chief Secretary in his last Board Meeting before his leaving the office.Now More than six months have been lapsed but no notification has been issued so far. Now seven days have been left to qualify for increment. This inordinate delay will either open corruption or financial loss.

    It is requested that the notification may be get getissued at your earliest or the joining may be considered from the date of issuing of notification as the officials are al ready working against their posts.

    A helpless wife

    • Aamir says:

      Allah pak se dua karain inshallah behtar hoga…. 03003136101

    • Dr. Shah Murad says:

      Honorable Chief Justice
      Supreme court of Pakistan, Islamabad

      His Excellency
      Who is unaware about land-mafia in our dear Pakistan?. Karachi is the superb in this regard. Sir, we all …..all people of Pakistan are confronting problems with these estate holders but some of the people cry, cry, cry, cry, cry, and cry again, again, again, again, again, and again !………………….but none of the Pakistan State-holding authorities and Government agencies take action, even take notice about these matters. Why?……………………… so simple ! Why do they notice about these tiny creatures (AAM AWAAM-Common Men) about their problems. They themselves do not face any problem in this concern. Concerned are roaming here and there, ie complaining in print media, electronic media, and social media. Internet complaint forms regarding peoples complaints are made by these estate holders (Land mafias). It is example of giving charge to lion to keep an eye on roaming goats. We common men are like goats and these Land-mafia holders are like lion. How come that in these circumstances we goat (people) could survive/reside/remain peacefully under roof of constructed HOME. These estate owners advertise about booking of residential/commercial plots and promise to give possession of these plots in 2 to five years. But after two decades (20 years…………………..sir I swear, twenty years means twenty years !), there is no possession, no documents, no transformation process of plots to allottees even development charges received by estate owners. What is this His Excellency? Where do common people submit complaint about this? Your kind self is key-witness of these corrupted estate/builders/construction and consultants. Where are HH President of Pakistan, HH Prime Minister of Pakistan, HH Chief Ministers, and HH Governors of 5 provinces, HH Chief Justices of the provinces of Pakistan? Where are check-balance authoritative agencies of my dear Pakistan? What is suo moto notice, common men do not know. What and where law-enforcement agencies offices are located in provinces or in Federal government at Islamabad? common men is not aware. HH whose responsibility is about these matters? Thousands of complaint letters are in process regarding these culprits in various civil courts to SUPREME COURT OF PAKISTAN. HH, to whom we go for complaint? All Pakistani law-enforcement institutions are not beyond your kind self’s authority/power. His Excellency, we are crying in front of your kind self to take action (sweep action) against these plunderers. One of the greatest example of this MAFIA is Malik Riaz of bahria Enclave Islamabad. You can check his past, present and future Mafia PLANs all over the country. Another example in Karachi city is AL-TAMEER BUILDERS (opposite PIA police station, main Shahrah-e-faisal road ), ruining dreams of Karachiteans in the name of FALAKNAAZ DREAMS (launched in 2006……still ……this project is in progress!……yet they promised to give possession in 2011/12). See their past, present and future MAFIA records/plans/intentions.

  6. Arooba Chandio says:

    To the core commander Karachi,
    Pakistan Army.

    Respected Sir,
    It’s a Request to take inquiry about the revenges Nawab Sardar Khan Chandio MPA of Sindh assembly, Warrah district Kamber Shahdadkot, is taking in the form of making fake FIRs and fake Cases to remove people from his way of making money by doing corruption of billions and trillions.

    Sir at this point of time Nawab Sardar Khan Chandio is taking wrong advantages of his position and is victimising the whole Marfani Chandio tribe. He is in power and due to orders from higher authorities, Raes Tharo Khan, Raes Sartaj Ahmed Chandio, Ex Taulka Nazim Manzoor Marfani are being fully victimised.

    Army is the only hope in this crucial situation the only request we have is that you provide justice to us and at least have an inquiry about these Fake FIRs, people are being arrested for.
    Thank you so much!

    • ADEEB AHMED says:

      dear your issue can be solved if you raise your voice to DG ISPR direct email and other law enforcing agnecies OF army such as ISI,ISPR and ARMY direct to heard quarters RAWALPINDI your issue

  7. dear sir i am khurram manzoor from distric nankana sahab i want to meet u plz contact me sir ap great hain.god bless u my contact number is 03002875785.

  8. sidiqui says:

    Sir I feel to inform you that what is my responsibility I m doing Karachi dha, employee r not happy due to current s.o.p, facilities only for above of 14 while 1 to 10 b. p.s.,have no facilities.
    I m working at defense club with respect I can say with confidence
    Not bit bite, only for organization benefit .our management are fail to run the system I am not mention there name I request you send team who study and report you.
    There are grouping internally those r working 15, 20 years they are virus special account manager , and g. manager. big virus supertendent.
    I just want that is first and old club dha should be professional expert management .sorry to say they are not able to famous this club business because they are not able.and sorry sir I saw firs sectary who are very proud don’t want to see employee and don’t want to suggest employee, I have number of word but now I hope you will study all positively and decision your ability.
    Jeay Pakistan
    Jeay army
    Asalam walekum.

  9. kiran says:

    honorableness sir
    my husband working at dha he appoint 3rd april 2014
    now spend 1 years 5 mont still working at 9 b.p.s
    he has 18 years experience different five star hotel pakistan and out of pakistan room division manager and executive housekeeper he appoint for creek lodge ,now he is in d,a club,
    i want to draw your attention on this subject that he sacrifice he was working some one 5 star hotel handsome salary executive post, sir he is supervisor post at da club arshad raza
    but he joint dha for bright future
    sir i have 4 kids whatever he is earning very hard to run kitchen ,childerens fees,no medical facilities while before appoint they ask u r permenet and entitle plot but still he is on contract,and now they are asking ur not intitle for pilot and accomodation,
    sir u belive that he appoint as a merrit base not sourse to any one,
    sir my humbbly request plz plz kindly asap whenever u recieve my email justify to my husband and my family.managment promise him to exective post and 16 b.p.s but still not doing any thing, now after god we r looking you justify to me plz sir plz

  10. arshad raza says:

    most respect full with heart and soul,
    sir i appoint 3rd april 2014 at dha creek lodge ,i already working some one 5 star hotel 18 years experience room division executive housekeeper pakistan out of pakistan i appoint merit , they told me u r intitel pilot accomodation and regular i sacrifies for bright future,
    but now they r asking u r not regular not intitle pilot accomodation,
    sir my b.p.s. is 9 while i apply for 16 b.p.s. in this salery very hard to run kitchen 4 kids school fees ,no facilities health,medical ,sir kindly after god i just first time ask to some one never i request to any one because i belive my god help me every where and now i humbly request you kindluy do some thing i m much oblige to you at least asstant post 16 b.p.s.and as per 16 august ebm file every body who appoint they conform but they are not applying.plz sir plz
    your truly
    muhammad arshad raza store supervisor

  11. muhammad arshad raza says:

    sir we r very happy to see karachi low and Oder
    suatation now very well .as u clean criminals to karachi plz clean cription to dha karachi.
    your faith full
    muhammad arshad raza sidiqui

  12. Imran says:

    Dear sir!
    Hope you fine. I’m Imran from Karachi. Sir I want to share something regarding GHQ but in private.

  13. sabir Ali Khan says:

    The Lieutenant general ,
    Mr. Naveed Mukhtar,
    Corp commander Karachi.
    Dear sir,
    I am Pakistani settle in Canada I am very please to know that ranger under you command is performing very honestly to root out corruptions in the country but I am regret to say that justice is still not available to the common man ,because judiciary system of Hi courts and lower courts that include lawyers and judges are not performing good enough compare to supreme court .The complete judiciary system need to reform for speedy trial and honest verdict ,and there should be check and balance system on lawyers and Judges ,The common problem of oversea Pakistani is that ,their property occupied by criminal people on fake papers or by force ,in the present system it will take 20 to 25 years of court proceeding to get judgment . I am also victim of such type of problem. First I file case on Feb. 28.2006 in Karachi lower court (case no 55/2006 )to get possession of my property after 10 to 15 hearing and all the negative and delayed tactics the judge verdict on Feb.17 2007 was that this case is not maintainable in this court it is case of high court now this case in High court since May 2007.
    Civil Suit 838/2007 in the high court of Sindh at Karachi. After 8 years it moved only few steps. On 30-09-2013 court appoint Mr Abdul Aziz Memon (former district & session judge) as commissioner for evidence recording and order to complete it in six month but till now no progress, Defendant lawyer took this case without any evidence he is only playing negative and delayed tactics .up to now not a single evidence is recorded, I request you to take action and order for a speedy trial,only you one phone call can do the job ,I request you Sir, Please take this matter and arrange speedy trial, I am 69 years old patient of cancer and don’t know how long I will be alive.
    Sabir Ali Khan NIC # 42000-2822865-7 date of expiry— LIFETIME
    107 Crochamhill drive Scarborough On. M1S 2L2 Canada
    416-335-7510 canada.

  14. hameer hussain says:

    pak army zinda aabad v love pakistan

  15. hameer hussain says:

    most rerspect humble submission it is requepst that sir a little girl daughter of martyr sipahi gave you application at event of 6 sep defence day 2015 in regarding illegal possession on plot a part of survey no 849/2-17 kumb nwabshah road kumb distt khairpur by jafar ali shah ,hyder ali tumrani and ali gul tumrani forcibly sir it is our own register property all legal documents also having us but above named person are not ready to remove possession that sir we above named person also accepted abouj possession before ssp khairpur Nasir aftab ahmad on 31-5-2015 at his office ssp also visited site who said to them for payment or other land instead of occupied plot and they were agree but after transfer of ssp they issue threats and dont listen us any cost .there fore it is request of family oef shaheed sipahi for justice and for protection . CELL 03013885090

  16. Qabil e Fakhar Lieutenant General Naveed Mukhtar

    Janab e aala

    Aap say request hay k mera beta jis ki age 19 saal hay or us nay abi haal hi may commision ka exam diya tha lekin eye weeknes ki waja say wo rah giya hay sir mera aik batija b Army aviation may as maj khidmat anjam day raha hay aap say aik boray baap ki iltija hay k please es silsilay may aap madad karain kiyon k us ki nazar tori si week ho gaei hay lekin wo sirf is waja say k us nay Quran Pak hifz kiya hay or 3 baar tarawi b parhaei hain may sir aik sawal aap say karna chahta hon k agar hifz kiya jaey to nazar tori bohat zaroor week hogi kiya Army join karnay k liey log hifz karna chore dain sir umeed hay k aap meray jazbat ko samajtay howay es baray may meray betay k saat tawon karain gay

    Pakistan Army Zindabad

    DuaGo Abdul Karim Khan

    contact no. 03331223445

  17. Abdul Basit says:

    The Lieutenant General Naveed Mukhtar
    Corps Commander Karachi

    Sub: Request for help against Land Mafia

    Respected Sir,

    I am Pir Abdul Basit Qureshi, a common and peace loving citizen. In Nawabshah I used to look after a piece of land, that was inherited to my Mother and Aunt by their father, bearing Survey No. 68 & 84 total area 34-25 acres, situated in Deh 89 Nasrat, near Habib Sugar Mills Ltd, Taluka Nawabshah.

    Sardar Sher Mohammed Rind a powerful land lord, land grabber and patharedar (guardian of criminals) of the locality had evil eyes on our land for long and used to insist me to sale out the above land to him on throwaway price, but I refused. After that, Sardar Sher Mohammed Rind started to bother me and my family.

    In June 2012, Sardar Sher Mohammed Rind has purposefully filed a false Civil Suit FCS No: 241/2012 through his setup person Mahmood-ul-Hassan Mughal against my Mother (age: above 70) and Aunt (age: above 80, died in Nov 2012).

    On 3rd July 2012, Sardar Sher Mohammed Rind has lodged a false criminal FIR No: 89/2012, U/S: 395 PPC on me through the same Mahmood-ul-Hasan Mughal. The FIR has been disposed off in B-Class, on 13th Feb 2014, by the Judicial Magistrate II. But the concerned Police are not taking necessary action against the culprits on lodging the false FIR.

    In Dec 2012, Sardar Sher Mohammed Rind has forcibly possessed our piece of land through number of armed men and stopped our farmers from cultivating the land. He is illegally cultivating on our piece of land since then.

    In Jan 2013, Sardar Sher Mohammed Rind has cutted the Sugarcane crop, worth lakhs of rupees, grown over more than 17 acres of our land.

    My brother has complained to the concerned S.H.O and S.S.P but they didn’t help. Later my brother has sent several applications to them through the T.C.S but no action has been taken against the culprits. My brother has also sent several applications to the concerned authorities for taking necessary actions against Sardar Sher Mohammed Rind and providing protection to us but no response is given.

    I have met with Sardar Sher Mohammed along with some noble persons and requested him to vacate our land, but he has refused, and warned me to stay away from the land and stop complaining about him otherwise my life will taken.

    I have also met and requested the Ex-Nazim (Mr. Abdul Haq Jamali) and 2 DSPs (Mr. Abdul Qadir Samo and Mr. Raja Farrukh) of Nawabshah to help vacate my land. Mr. Abdul Haq Jamali replied that, it’s tragic and cruel but he couldn’t interfere. The DSPs told me that, Sardar Sher Mohammed Rind is a powerful and influential person so they can’t help me.

    Our righteous property, that is our primary source of income, is brutally possessed by Sardar Sher Mohammed Rind and we are being forcefully stopped by him from earning Rizq-e-Halal. We have serious life threats and fear of kidnapping from him. We are suffering, mentally and financially, a lot.

    As a citizen of Pakistan it is our fundamental right to go to our agricultural land and to cultivate and grow crops and to work for development and prosperity of our family without any illegal pressure and harassment. Sardar Sher Mohammed Rind is harassing us and violating our fundamental rights as well as the constitution of Pakistan.

    Your kind attention and help is therefore requested. I look toward you for Justice, Rule of Law and Welfare of Citizens.

    Thanking you in anticipation.

    Yours faithfully,

    Pir Abdul Basit Qureshi
    Cell: 03032816475, 03337027047

  18. Prof Sohail Ibrahim says:

    The Lieutenant General Naveed Mukhtar,
    Corps Commander, Karachi.
    (President Executive Board DHA)

    Sub: Request for necessary action against delay of issuance NOC
    of DHA staff benefit plot for sale/Transfer.

    R/Sir , Assalam-u-Alaikum ,

    I am Prof in Physics and served 15 years in DA SKBZ College with neat and clean track record. It is matter of facts and can be verified. I applied for Issuance of NOC Staff Plot for sale /Transfer before four months and numbers of remainders has been sent but still in waiting for response. This inordinate delay will either open corruption or financial loss. I visited your office and tried to meet you to bring in your kind notice about the delay of issuance of NOC from Department without any reason. Security officers first allowed and issued pass but after they changed their mind and called me back, asked to drop letter in RD office. I have dropped the application with enclosed copies of relevant documents on 21/03/2016 which will enough to prove the actual realities.Your kind attention and help is therefore requested.

    Sir, I am only a person who is looking after whole family in which my daughter fatima Sohail who is Grand winner of National Science Fair 2011 and represented Pakistan in California USA ant International Science Fair from DA School Phase IV, Now is studying in NED University,I my self one of the Grand Award Judge participate from Pakistan at International Science Fair held in USA every year in May in Category of energy specially Nuclear and hydro power. We are serving for promotion and honor of our motherland. All is suffering from this delay of issuance NOC of Staff plot which is my fundamental right. I look toward you for Justice, Rule of Law and Welfare of Citizen of Pakistan. Thanking you in anticipation.

    Prof Sohail Ibrahim
    Principal: CMA Paradise Girls College , Karachi , cell: 0300-2189061

  19. Sana Muhammad Ali sheikh says:

    Sir plzz give me time for meeting with u I am worried about my husband plz sir Sana Muhammad Ali sheikh 03003793982

  20. Muhammad Imran says:

    Dear my Brother is selected in COAS telented Scolarship for FATA Student in Army Public School 5 Core Headquarter Karachi.
    Any one help me where is HQ of 5 Core in Karachi give me Direction. Because I am from Peshawar.
    My Contract number is
    0346 9191246

  21. Syed Akhtar Ali says:

    Sir, please I need postel address of corps commander office or any high officials so i can send confidential letter as soon as possible which is very important.
    Sir please help me. God give you long life and prosperity.
    Thanks. God Bless you.

  22. Naveed Mukhtar says:

    Sir I am Naveed Mukhtar from sadiq abad District rahim yar khan. .pls contact me mn ap sy bat krna chahta hon boht achy inSan hn ap.. 03433335008

  23. To,
    Corp commander,
    Sir,asalamualikum that you know in karachi china cutting is a big problem my plot that had Ahsanabad cooperative housing society sceam 33 that has leez society from previous 7 years in the land graber are in this place
    there are unmanageable law real state and marriage hall’s and plots there income are terrorism are using
    Muhammad waseem

  24. Captain adnan says:

    Dear sir

    Karachi residence out of country job as a master of ship try many company refinery and immigration arrange UK loyer UK court my father 1971 war India arrest from chitagaon Bangladeshi ship support UK caption civilian safe onboard outer anchorage rad gross India ship arrest .to case submitted someone my data provide out of country my job and internet trace unlegel

    • Captain adnan says:

      Karachi may mustaqbil nahe hay
      Kessi friend ka clition ib office may pochay jao tu wahan k senior police officer yeh keh kar car may bithaty han k ao AC may chaloo.baat karty. Han wahan gun point per eyes per rumal band kar kessi banglows may layjaty han sir per chemical lagty han . After investigate jafi amazing baatain karty han fir. Cliftion park k Beck gate per drop karty han ainda.yahan.mat ana nic. Mojude. Hay passport per world visay imbose. Han .

  25. Captain adnan says:

    Jab ghar aya usi raat woh chemical activate hua or ib k police jawan mery sir per.uchal rahy thay . Meri navigation ki field hay IMO London royal agency say affiliated hay .ib police ka case UK London may end Ross karwana hay metropolice ko

  26. NADEEM AHMED says:


  27. Muhammad Usama says:

    The Lieutenant General Naveed Mukhtar,
    Corps Commander, Karachi.

    Sir I m Hafiz Muhammad Usama from your home Town P/O Bakhar Bar Tehsil: Shahpur Distt: Sargodha I m belong to your Relative family My father name is Nasar Hayat ( Cast Mian) Sir I especially want to meet you

    Plzzzzzzzzzzz Contact Me


  28. Hameer husain tumrani says:

    Awaiting for justice from 6 sep 2015 after submission a request application to hon’ble Lt.gen.Naveed Mukhtar sb himself by daughter of shaheed sepahi c.g no.14128 at malir grasion on yom e shuhda day.pleare sympathetic kind considration cell.03013885090-03002226233

  29. Aslam o alikum sir plz meri maded kren sb leder ko msg kiye cm sahb ko bi lakin koi mje na reply kr raha ha na meri maded kr raha ha ap ko khuda rasol ka wasta ha meri maded kren hm logon ko ik GHQ ka jehli officer bahot tang kr raha ha hamari proprty py qabza krna chata hon hamary uper joutha case bna dia court mai mery walid sahb jo k 80 years k han is ki waja sy bahot bemar ho gay han ye bnda general or colner ki dehmki deta ha or bi logon k peasy khay hm sy bi peasy lena chata ha wo apni ghq job ka najaez faida utha raha my cell no. 03455492786

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