Lieutenant General Raheel Sharif Appointed as New Chief of Army Staff (COAS)

Lieutenant General Raheel Sharif Appointed as New Chief of Army Staff (COAS)

Lieutenant General Raheel Sharif has been appointed as new Chief of Army Staff (COAS) while Lieutenant General Rashid Mehmood has been appointed as new Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee (CJCSC).

According to a notification issued by the ministry of defence, Lt Gen Raheel Sharif and Lt Gen Rashad Mahmood have been promoted to the rank of four-star general with effect from Thursday, Nov 28.

Both generals would take up their new posts from Friday, the day the current Army chief Kayani retires.Lt Gen Raheel is currently serving as Inspector General Training and Evaluation whereas Lt Gen Mahmood is serving as Chief of General Staff.

Raheel Sharif holds the Hilal-i-Imtiaz military award, and is the younger brother of late Major Shabbir Sharif, who received the Nishan-i-Haider for his bravery in the 1971 war.

Both senior military officials met Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif earlier today where the premier conveyed them the decision. The two meetings were viewed as immensely significant as they came a day before General Kayani’s retirement from his post of army chief.

The prime minister had sent to the president, who is the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, a summary to promote the two generals and approve their appointments. The summary was approved, following which the notification was issued by the defence ministry.

Raheel’s selection as army chief selection implies that frontrunner and the senior most military officer Lt Gen Haroon Aslam, currently serving as Chief of Logistic Staff, was ignored for the elevation.

The post of army chief is arguably the most powerful in Pakistan and anxiety prevailed on who will replace the taciturn, chain-smoking General Kayani, who will step down on Friday after six years at the helm.

General Kayani’s retirement from the post comes after rules were relaxed to grant him an extension in July 2010 by the PPP-led coalition government in what then prime minister Yousuf Raza Gilani said was in the interest of continuity at a time when the war on terror was successfully continuing against elements who wanted to impose a system of their choice on the country.

Lieutenant General Raheel Sharif

  • Commander, Gujranwala XXX Corps (as three-star/Lt General)
  • Commandant of Pakistan Military Academy, Kakul (as two-star/Maj General)
  • General Officer Commanding, Lahore (as two-star/Maj General)

Lieutenant General Rashad Mehmood

  • Commander, Lahore IV Corps (as three-star/Lt General)
  • DG-CTW at the ISI (where he essentially re-established the pivotal Counterrorism, or ‘C’ Branch, of Aabpara)
  • Military Secretary to Nawaz Sharif-era president, Rafiq Tarar (as one-star/Brigadier)
  • UN Brigade Commander (as one-star/Brigadier)

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  1. Syed Ali says:

    14th August 1947
    My wishes on this hallowed Day
    After “68 years” are we really mentally & physically Independent!!!
    Our forefathers were slaves of “Ghora Sahib” we are of “Kaka Sahib”
    Their slavery was better than our Independence!!!
    We still beg the “Army” as we trust. We are helpless & powerless.

    Our country is “Islamic Republic” our national anthem starts, “Pak sar zameen shad-baad”.
    You are the only hope to respect the Honor of, “Islamic Republic & keep our Soil Pak & shad-baad”.
    My respected & honorable Brother “General Raheel Sharif Sahib with his Core Commanders” can, can can do it.
    Respected Generals, Ayub Sb. (he did a lot), Zia Sb & Musharaf Sb. could have trashed the garbage.
    I want to go back to join my family in the US, but Dr. Shahid Masood each day gives a new HOPE, keeps me waiting!!

  2. waheedhamad says:

    Sar muje d h a me job mil sakti ha ap ki merbani ho gi

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