“Life is a journey not a destination” by Abdul Jabbar at Artciti Gallery

ARTCITI Invites you to an exclusive exhibition of paintings “LIFE IS A JOURNEY NOT A DESTINATION” by Abdul Jabbar from 8th till 14th July 2021.

Exhibition Opening: 8th July 2021 (6pm – 8pm)

Please visit their gallery on the 8th July 2021, to view the amazing work. All SOPs must be strictly followed. You can also visit their website to view the paintings online www.artciti.com.

Address: ARTCITI Gallery 2nd Floor, Plot # 36-C, Bukhari Commercial Lane-13, Khayaban-e-Shujaat, Phase-VI, DHA, Karachi.
Location Map: goo.gl/Fs2gtm
Email: info@artciti.com
Website: www.artciti.com
Facebook: facebook.com/artcitionline
Phone: +9221-35250495, +9221-35250496
WhatsApp: +923362700975
Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1145369412655345/

Artist Statement
Landscapes have always fascinated me from the very beginning. I started creating slums in landscapes both on canvas and on Jute. However, while painting, I would wonder if I should explore more elements. Something felt missing. Therefore I decided to add railway tracks and railway stations to my works because they are such an important, historical source of transport in Pakistan. For this exhibition, I have worked on old locomotives Steam Engines from the times when the country first started running trains. I have visited many parts of Pakistan to see the railway stations, tracks, and trains in person. Thus comes the fascination with this theme.

When we travel by train, the sound of the train whistle gives us the signal and peace of mind that it’s time to leave. Similarly, when we leave this world, we should aim to have peace of mind and smiles on our faces.

Life is a journey… not a destination. In my opinion, life is like a railway platform where passengers come and go. Just the way we wait for the train on the platform, I believe we should wait for life’s successes to reach us because success takes time. Be patient.

Artist Abdul Jabbar beautifully encapsulates Pakistan’s railways and landscapes, merging the organic with the man-made. Jabbar is a truly talented painter, particularly in his renditions of water bodies and flora, and fauna. Railways are a welcome addition to his repertoire. His work is a documentation of an aspect of Pakistani transport that is often overlooked today, yet carries with it a rich history that spans centuries.

Shanzay Subzwari

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