“LIKE A BOSS” Seminar at Defence Central Library

LIKE A BOSS Seminar at Defence Central Library

Waiting for that LIKE A BOSS moment in your life? Being different, thinking different, isn`t it tempting? Cube brings “LIKE A BOSS” – an event to revitalize your brain cells, inviting you to think differently, and to think like a boss!

We all need a bit of belief in our self and we need to preserve that confidence in our self , it hurts when someone crushes your self belief and self confident so easily, no ? Well untill and unless we don`t think like a boss, we can`t gather that crushed pieces of our confidence and put them together!

  • Learn to live your life “LIKE A BOSS”
  • Learn to think “LIKE A BOSS”
  • Learn to act “LIKE A BOSS”
  • and Learn to be THE BOSS

An event to promote the BOSS Mindset, featuring stories from the young and amazingly successful entrepreneurs, to let the participants know how the real bosses think like to be the boss, what is needed to be changed, and how to change it.


  • Mehwish Abdul Sattar – CEO, 3Wogle Group of Companies
  • Umair Khan Lodhi – Founder/Lead Trainer, CUBE
  • Ramish Safa – Founder/Artist, Kachee Golian
  • Saad – Marketing Manager, Loud Tees, Loud Studios, Loud Radio

Date: Saturday, 1st December 2012
Time: 2pm – 4pm
Address: DHA Central Library Auditorium, Main Sunset Boulevard, Phase II, DHA, Karachi.
Phone: 0331-2358865, 0333-3184533 and 0322-2492522

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