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Weddings happen once, each second is valuable. It is the blessed union of two souls, thus every smile, laughter, tear and emotion is priceless. Capturing these moments is essential because as the years go by and distances grow, it is these moments which remind the couple and their families of the beautiful journey together.

As the marriage grows old and the children grow up, these pictures serve as monumental glimpses into the past; a view of how their parents looked when they got married, the grandparents and relatives, the celebrations and preparations. Children often end up in awe or giggling uncontrollably on the fashion styles back then. The couple, children and grandparents can sit together and enjoy the journey back in time.

Memories are revived, smiles are bestowed and wishes made again, such is the power of a good album. Therefore wedding video and photography have to be handed over to the best in town; nothing too traditional and outdated such as spinning hearts zooming in and out on the pictures of the couple. That is an absolute no, unless one has intentions of marrying again. Jokes aside, wedding videos have to be about the journey for the couple, family and friends rather than a collection of snippets edited together to atrocious Bollywood songs.

Lollipop & Laddu Wedding Photographers - DHA and Clifton Karachi

So for the most important day in the life of the couple and the families, the responsibility of photography and video making must be in safe hands for two reasons; firstly weddings cost a lot and the entire set up cannot be redone in case of an atrocious video or photography album and secondly because it is a remembrance of a lifetime. For a grand occasion like weddings, the reign should be handed to ‘Lollipop & Laddu’- professional photographers.

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At Lollipop and Laddu if clients have a story, moment or business to capture then they have landed at the right place. Lollipop and Laddu envision your ventures through Film and Photography. Wedding photography has to be perfect and voila! Lollipop and Laddu make every snap a moment.

The mischievous smiles, the shy looks between the couple, moments with the parents before the rukhsati are captured with precision without losing the emotions. A special feature of photography at Lollipop and Laddu are the pictures on the dance floor; they are clear and gorgeous, so all the girls and boys will have pretty snaps of their performances.

Besides wedding photography, Lollipop and Laddu are open to covering various events. They may be called on to cover birthday events for babies and children; it will certainly be the most beautiful set of pictures ever. Each shot is natural and captures the innocent spirit of the children. An album from Lollipop and Laddu covering the birthday will be the best present for the children once they grow up.

Anyone out there with a monumental or life changing event coming up should get in touch with Lollipop and Laddu because the beauty of the moments has to be captured for later days in life.

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